Pink Smoke Ford Edge Headlight Covers

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Ford Edge Headlight Covers

It's no secret that Ford is riding a huge wave of success and has made a comeback in a major way. Whether it's their best-selling F-150 truck series or the ubiquitous Mustang, Ford is everywhere. And, their successes don't end there. The Ford Edge is a perfect combination of the styling and power of both the F-Series pickups and the Mustang with the added bonus of providing its owners with people hauling capabilities that are second to none. In today's post we'll take a look the 2011 - 2014 Edge with a pair of Pink Smoke Rtint® precut headlight tints installed.


Pink Smoke Ford Edge Headlight Covers - Zoomed Out

Passenger Side Headlight Extreme Close-Up - 204 Ford Edge

14 Colors & 2 Degrees of Protection

As you can see, our custom Samantha sent in her excellent installed pics of Pink Smoke headlight Tints installed on her Edge. Not only is she going to be receiving a big, fat $20 Cash Back refund but she gets the look she wanted plus a side of fame too. But, what if you're not as big a fan of Pink as Samantha? No worries, we've got you covered there!

At Rvinyl, we know that you want choices which is why we offer more selection and variety than anyone else. Choose from popular shades like Smoke, Blackout, JDM-inspired Yellow Smoke or HID-style Blue Smoke. If you've got a favorite color like Samantha or want something a little more unique try our Chameleon, Neon, Purple, Green or Orange Tints too. And, finally, if you want the look but are afraid to commit you can always pick up a set of headlight covers in turn Midnight Static Cling series that you can remove and re-apply as many times as you want.

2014 Ford Edge Pink Smoke Headlight Covers

Pink Smoke Edge Headlight Tints

Driver Side Headlight Tint - 2011-2014 Ford Edge

Now that you know we offer more than a dozen shades of tint you're probably wondering what we mean about two degrees of protection. You see, most companies sell you only one type of film in a handful of colors. But, because we cater specifically to the price-conscious, do-it-yourselfer we offer two levels of film: tint-only and protection. In short, our tint film is 2mil (not mm!) thick and easier to install than our 6mil film which is three times as thick. Tint film will protect against UV radiation and bug hits but it won't shield your lenses from rock hits and road debris. If you're looking for both tint and serious protection then we recommend you upgrade to the 6mil film.

Pink Smoke Rtint® Headlight Tints - 2011-2014 Ford Edge

Rtint® Headlight Tints - Ford Edge Pink Smoke

Thanks Samantha!

We hope that we've enlightened a few of you about Rtint® headlight covers and possibly even convinced some of you that they're the solution to a problem you've been pondering. Best of all, if you buy a set and install them like Samantha did, you stand to get them almost for free after the $20 rebate refund. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair today and start making your ride into the show-worthy piece of artistry it has always wanted to be.

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