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Which Ford model are you driving? Do you have an F-150, the best-selling pickup in history? A Mustang, the car that started the whole pony car trend? A late-model Taurus, the car that reinvented the definition of the American family sedan? For these and other Fords models, a DIY tint kit can go a long way to making it look better. And not only does a tint look great, but it also offers privacy and temperature benefits.

Rvinyl precut Ford window tint kits are designed specifically for individual Ford models. This takes away the guesswork and waste that comes with generic tint, which is especially important if this is your first time applying automotive window tint. Our online selection is easy to search, so you can find the custom Ford window tint kit in just a few clicks.

Many Shades of Tint

Depending on your style and where you live, you can choose the exact shade of tint that suits. Some of our customers go for a light 50% VLT, while others like the privacy and shade of 5%. We also offer popular ranges in-between, such as 20% and 35%. It's important to note that you should check your local rules and laws with respect to automotive tint, since they can vary from state to state.

Once you've placed your order, we work quickly to ship your order off to you. We can even offer free shipping on orders over $49 in the U.S. Once your precut Ford window tint is in your hands, it's a simple matter of cleaning your windows and applying the precision-cut film. Just remember to take your time! We know you're excited to install your tint and show it off, but it's better to start slowly and make sure everything goes well. We provide you with a detailed installation guide based on our years of experience with automotive tints.

A Kit for Every Ford

Ford has one of the most complete and comprehensive lineups on the road. From the subcompact Fiesta to the fullsize Crown Victoria and the Ranger pickup to the Expedition SUV, every Ford model has a unique size and shape of windows. That's why we have created unique kits for every model. We eliminate the guesswork and trial-and-error involved with generic rolls of tint. We have also accounted for the shape and curve of every window in your Ford. To provide you with the most flexibility possible, you can chose kits for your front, rear and back windows, depending on your preference.

In no time at all, you'll have your Ford back on the road to enjoy the privacy, shade and cool look of a custom tint kit. If you're like us at Rvinyl and enjoy customizing your vehicle, one of our precut Ford window tint kits is the perfect choice for your next upgrade project. Browse our selection, and place your order today - your Ford will look better than ever when you're done with it!

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Great Kit!
by Darren, Niceville, Florida 4.75

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Everything that you need to do the job right! Thanks!

Great Kit!
by Darren, Niceville, Florida 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Everything that you need to do the job right! Thanks!
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Good, but not great
by BlueOval17, South East 4.00

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Materials shipped and received quickly. Well packaged. Complete set without any errors. Live support available and responded promptly. Overall order satisfaction is a 5/5.
I did front, rear, and back glass on my truck. Window film was easy to work with. First time doing this so I was a bit rough with it. Cuts were just big enough to tuck under trim where needed and not too big as to leave excess to be trimmed. Tabs included with the order made separating the backing from the film a breeze. Most of my time and effort went into prepping the glass. No bubbles, scratches, tears, etc. I had left over pieces, since the company ships cuts for each style of rear window, so I also experimented on how rough I could be with the film and to my surprise, its about as tough as a piece of plastic glued to a window can be.
All windows look crystal clear when looking from outside in. Rear windows look amazing from the inside out even in direct sunlight. Front window film ,unfortunately, does not look as well from the inside of the truck. There is, what I would describe as, a blue haze when in direct sunlight. As soon as you block direct sunlight the film is crystal clear. Note: I ordered a different % for the front so the cuts did not come from the same roll as the rears. I assume this may not be the case for all, but in my situation, appearance for me is 3/5.
For a DIY, single car project, with precut piece, the price point is spot on. I would say value is 5/5 but due to my experience with the quality of the film for the front windows, I'm going with a 4/5.
This is a subjective topic and not a driving factor behind my order. N/A would be more applicable, but a 5/5.

I may place another order for my wife's car, but at the moment I'm a bit hesitant given the variation in quality in the same brand of film.

Hope this helps guys/gals.


4.70 | 123 Reviews