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    Ford windshield tint strips come precut in a trim-to fit universal design. Each kit includes three varying sizes with different heights available in popular 5, 20, 35 and 50% shades. Help reduce the sun's glare while giving your ride an aggressive roof profile. Window Tint visors are engineered to be applied to the inside of your windshield or in the case of static cling Tint can be applied inside or out , these universal precut kits have style and safety in mind.

    Manufacturer Part Number: VWT-Universal


    • Ford universal windshield visors are made to order and shipped the next business day
    • Available in your choice of 5, 20, 35 or 50% VLT and 20% VLT static cling
    • Each kit includes three strips of varying length and range from 4 to 6-inches in height
    • Ford visors are pre-cut to save you time and money
    • All Rtint windshield tint strips come with a three-year or (an optional) Lifetime Warranty

    Rtint pre-cut windshield window tint strips for your Ford are computer-designed and die-cut by a plotter-cutter to help you get the right fit. Fabricated from ultra-thin, single-ply window film we guarantee that these strips are the lowest universal visors on the market and we put our money where our mouth is with our Price Match Guarantee. These visor kits are available in our self-adhesive films in shades like 5, 20, 35 or 50% VLT and in our midight static cling film in 20% VLT to give you the perfect combination of comfort and style. Each kit includes three different visor strips with varying arches and lengths to fit most vehicles and are generally between four to six inches in height.

    At, our reputation is no better than your experience with our products and services so we want to make sure you never end up with sub-standard tint. This is why we proudly offer a three year warranty on all our films and have also made a Lifetime Warranty available for your Ford visor strip. What this means is that if you ever have a problem that's covered under the guarantee, you can send us a picture of the problem and receive a replacement ASAP. Our Discounted Replacements are yet one more way we have you covered and you can think of them as insurance policies against your own mistakes. And, if all this weren't reason enough, we also offer customer support via email, chat and phone so you can get an answer to any questions might have any day of the week.

    Window tinting can be a time-consuming and involved process which is why the shops get paid as well as they do but, if you're reading this it's a safe bet you are more than capable of doing the job. To make sure that you are. we provide some of the most comprehensive written and video how-to guides anywhere but knowing is only half the battle--you also need to have be prepared and have the right tools at hand to install your Ford visor strip. At, you'll find the right tools and can even bundle Gila's FS600 window tint application kits with your tint strip purchase for added convenience. These kits are specially designed for professional and DIY use alike and contain a specially-formulated application spray, a window tint squeegee, an Olfa style razor blade and a microfiber cloth. Learn more about the benefits to window tinting and weighing your options for DIY or professional installation.

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