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    Love the look of Sticker Bomb but not a fan of Hello Kitty? Then you'll want to check out our Gear Head vinyl wraps, inspired by great performance brands like Borla and HKS. Another great feature of this Rwraps? Sticker Bomb film is that it offers you a great, JDM look in black and white without the candy colors of similar car wraps. Made from high-quality, single ply wrapping film it confirms to the curves and contours of just about anything you want to wrap. Rated for both outdoor and indoor applications and featuring air-release adhesives, get yours now!

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-STB-001

    Rwraps™ Sticker Bomb Vinyl Film Wrap - Gear Head Features

    • Engineered with bubble-free adhesive technology for DIY installation
    • For use on tight curves, right angles and convex or concave surfaces
    • Warranty backed and UV stable
    • Available in 12, 24, and 60-inch widths by the foot up to 10 yards
    • Cool, black-and-white style

    Sticker Bomb Wraps — Gear Head Style

    When you want the look of sticker art without spending hours and hundreds of dollars to get and apply the decals of your favorite JDM and drift brands, you want an Rwraps® Gear Head Sticker Bomb wrap. Featuring the logos of brands like HKS, Borla and more, you'll get the look without breaking a sweat!

    Made for the for the JDM Enthusiast

    Because our Gear Head Sticker Bomb film is available in three widths you can wrap your hood, roof, fenders, rocker panels or dashboard without wasting any film so you never buy more than you need or purchase too little. Another reason to buy Rwraps® Sticker Bomb films is because it's made specifically for the DIYer. Don't bother with messy glues and slip solutions, choose this self-adhesive Gear Head Sticker Bomb film that applies with heat and pressure and has air-channels embedded in the sticky side so air bubbles can't get trapped underneath.

    Gear Head Sticker Bomb Vinyl

    • Color: Black-and-White Gear Head Sticker Bomb 
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Adhesives: Pressure-sensitive with air-release channels
    • Recommended Uses: Automotive, Architectural, Signage
    • Conformability: Compound curves, convex &  concave surfaces
    • Thickness: 3 mil
    • Application Type: Dry

    Cash Back for Sticker Bomb Wraps

    We depend on you, our customers, to showcase our Rwraps® films which is why we offer up to a $20 Cash Back refund for your installed examples and reviews. All you have to do is take 5 or 6 high-quality, multi-angle photos and write a short review of the film. Then upload or email it all to us and we'll issue your refund plus we'll post your photos and review to our site and blog.

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