Ford Edge Headlight Covers

The Ford Edge is the perfect combination of style, power and people carrying capacity. taking stylistic cues from the best-selling sports car in America (that's the Mustang for you Chevy lovers) and a power train developed for the award winning F-150, the Edge is a cut above any other mid-size SUVs in its class. But, like anything else, the Ford Edge can always use a little personalized TLC and protection which is why you owe it to yourself to upgrade to an Rtint® headlight tint kit today.

Headlight Tint & Protection on the Edge

When you choose Rtint® you get a choice of over fourteen different shades and colors as well as two different levels of protection. Choose from favorites like Smoke, Blackout, Matte Smoke or JDM-inspired Yellow Smoke or try something truly unique like Pink, Chameleon or Neon Smoke. Not only that, but with Rtint® you can choose from tint only or tinted protection films. Our tint only films are 2 mil (no, that's not millimeters) thick making them easier to install than the competition and offer protection from UV rays, bug hits and dust. But, when you want pro grade protection you want to upgrade to our 6 mil thick covers. Available in all of colors and styles (except Static Cling), they defend your lenses from rock chips, road debris and other drivers.

DIY Installation

If you're worried about installation don't be because all of our kits are meant for the do-it-yourself installer. Not only are they designed to fit your Edge's headlights like a glove but they ship to you with  a single-page instructional guide outlining every step of the process. From preparation and cleaning to installation and trouble-shooting through to aftercare we've covered it all so you're never left scratching your head. And, just in case you'd like to see it done too, we've got a number of video tutorials for you to check out. And, once you've successfully installed your overlays don't forget to send in your pics and review to get our $20 Cash Back rebate refund!

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Samantha's Pretty in Pink Ford Edge

Posted on Monday, September 12, 2016

Ford Edge Headlight Tint in Pink Smoke

Samantha's 2014 Edge is all dressed up in a Pretty in Pink theme so it only makes sense that she upgraded to a pair of precut headlight covers in Rtint® Pink Smoke. Even if you're nt a fan of pink you owe it to yourself to check out today's post just to see the fitment of the tints and get an idea of the way it changes the entire look of the front fascia.


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Enhanced and modernized my ride! Exceeded my expectations.
by Tyler, New York 5.00

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Very high quality kit. I got the genuine carbon fiber and my interior looks like an aggressive fighter jet!
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Awesome products, great customer service, very happy customer.
by Tyler , New York 4.75

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I get all my vinyl needs from Rvinyl.

Headlights and tail lights
by Garret S, Columbus, OH 4.25

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Purchased both headlight and taillight tints for my 2013 Ford Edge in midnight 33%. The headlight tint was very easy to install and the cuts were pretty close to perfect. They look great as well. The tail lights in the other hand not so much, but i dont think it is a product flaw, more less just the general curvy awkward shape of the tail light. Although the film was in two pieces for which i imagine easier to install with less air bubbles, even with the taillight temived and sitting on a table, i was unable to install them and discarded the idea. Once again believe it is just the shape of the tail light. Overall i think the products are wondeful and very easy to install.
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4.54 | 7 Reviews