Rtint® Headlight Tints

Rtint® custom Oldsmobile headlight tint kits give you the quickest, easiest way to add a little extra privacy and style to your ride in under an hour. Because we carry precut tints for every year and model of Oldsmobile you can add the look and protection of headlight tints to your Achieva, Alero, Bravada or Intrigue in no time at all and for a price you just won't believe. Why pay  up to three times as much to have your Oldsmobile's headlights tinted by so-called pros when you can do it yourself for less? Get the high-quality tint you want today and, when you meet the minimum order amount, your order ships free within one business day.

Hassle-free Installation

All of the Oldsmobile headlight covers we offer are precision cut and computer designed for incredible fitment and accuracy. This means you're virtually guaranteed to get professional looking results every time. And, not only are our precut headlight overlays easy to install they're also ridiculously easy to order on our intuitively designed website. Simply select your make, model and year and a diagram of your Oldsmobile's headlights will appear on the screen. Click into that and you can easily choose the colors and shades you want. Choose from smoke, matte, blackout, HID blue, chameleon or more.

If  you're concerned about installation there's just no reason to be. Not only do our precut Oldsmobile headlight tints make the process painless and very straightforward but every tint kit we ship comes with easy to follow instructions that cover every step in the process from preparation, cleaning to the installation and aftercare. And, if you're more of a visual learner, we also have a growing collection of video tutorials that will help you to better understand the process and walk you through it. 

Choose Rtint® Oldsmobile Headlight Covers

We've already covered some of the best reasons to buy a headlight kit for your Olds but good news bears repeating so we'll list some of the features of these tints one more time:

  • When you buy our DIY headlight covers you can save as much as 75% off the price a shop would charge.
  • When you buy precut tint for your Olds from Rtint® you get a wider selection of colors and shades than anywhere else.
  • When you buy our tints you're covered by our 3-Year Warranty.

Get Cash Back for Your Photos

When you send in photos of your installed Oldsmobile headlight tint you can get up to a $20 cash back refund for your troubles. How? It's simple: buy the DIY Oldsmobile headlight overlays you've been wanting. Install it. Take 5 or more photos from multiple angles. Email or upload your photos. Get your refund. Tell your friends. Sound good?

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