Honda Accord Precut Window Tint

The Honda Accord. predictably, delivers driving fun in a practical package with top-of-the-line comfort and incredible styling. Both Accord Coupe and Sedan are 2017 Car and Driver 10 Best winners, with the Hybrid getting an honorable mention. Since you know you can depend on Honda for decades to come, why not keep it looking as good as it did when it rolled off the lot with a set of precut Rtint® window tints? Not only will they keep you cool (both literally and figuratively) but they'll also protect your interior from UV radiation.

So Many Reasons to Choose Rtint®

Why pay more when you can get pro-grade results with a DIY window tint kit? Not only is installation a breeze but our intuitive order-by-picture interface makes ordering just the right tint easy as pie.  Buy a visor only, front only, back or rear windshield only kit or pick up a complete kit. Buy only what you need and get the right combination of percentages to make sure you stay cool and legal. Choose from 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT and be sure to check out our tint law guide while you're at it. So, let's review the top 3 reasons to choose Rtint® precut Accord window tints:

  1. Buy only the tint you need
  2. Mix and match with a variety of shade percentages
  3. Get peace of mind with our standard 3-Year Warranty

Share Your Pics & Get Cash Back

Once you've installed your Accord window tint why not get up to $20 Cash Back when you share your pics and a brief review of your experience with us? Either send them in via email or use our convenient upload form on our site and within a few days we'll issue your rebate refund. Then, be on the lookout for your pics and review on out site and blog. You may even see your Honda on our YouTube channel when we make a photo montage of your installs. Really, what could be better?

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I got sent the wrong size tint
by Brayan, North Carolina 5.00

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The products on your site are amazing but I got sent the wrong size tint on one of my orders. I reviewed my order and it's exactly what my truck is but still doesn't fit.
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Ceramic Tint
by Ty B, 4.50

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This tint is nice! Have installed many times and never have problems, however the drivers side window pieces didn’t stick very well… not sure if manufacturing flaw or what happened. Neither piece stuck very well. Rear window and passenger side fine so far! Rest of windows were fine. Overall, great value and nice ceramic tint. Would recommend for sure.

Precut side windows are great, rear windshield is a nightmare
by Chris, Philly Area 3.00

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Five stars for the pre-cut side windows on my 2007 Honda Accord. One star for the rear windshield. The installation kit squeegee is not adequate to reach the bottom. After over an hour I abandoned hope and ripped it off.
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4.65 | 17 Reviews