Honda Civic Sedan Headlight Tint

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Blackout Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Return of the King: The Honda Civic Strikes Back

Way back in the 90s the Honda Civic was at the top of its game. It was cheap enough that first-time car buyers could afford, built to a standard that made it last nearly forever and was actually nice to look at. As a result, a whole generation of us spent our time modding and tuning Civic Hatchbacks, Coupes and Sedans all throughout our high-school and college lives and catapulted the marque into super stardom. Unfortunately for Honda, it seems that the success may have gone to their head and even though their quality and performance continued to improve and remained unparalleled, they lost that crucial element that makes or breaks any model: the lost curb appeal.

Fast forward to 2013 and it seems that Honda's taken note. Civic sales are stronger than ever and the thrill that was gone has come back in spades. What exactly did Honda do? In short, it completely revamped its look, its interior ambience, its front fascia, and its suspension and steering systems. With new styling in both the rear and front, Honda has grafted a smile onto the formerly sad, dour shape of the Civic Sedan. In fact, Honda says it’s a more “emotional” and “youthful” design and we couldn't agree more!

Blackout Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Neon Driver Side Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Youthful Accessories for Youthful Design

Honda is committed not only to bring you the best in quality and performance but in style as well and we at Rvinyl are no different. Our designers spare no expense when it comes to designing custom tints for your vehicles and the 9th Generation Civic Sedan is no exception. With more than 2 decades of combined experience in designing and producing headlight tint covers you know that you'll get an easy to install kit that will look great once installed.

So, what do you get when you buy an Rtint® headlight cover from us? In short you get a pair of precut headlight tints designed to conform to the curves and contours of your Civic's headlamps like a glove. Many of our overlay kits feature relief notches or cuts into the cover to accommodate the crazy contours of today's composite lenses although we try to minimize these since we've found that you guys like to decide where to cut or trim your headlights. It's a fine line between doing all the work for you and giving you a DIY product that you can truly make your own but with over 10K sold, we think we've found that happy medium.


Blackout Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Neon Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

14 Color & Shade Options 

Another thing you'll notice about Rtint® precut headlight tints is that we offer more choices when it comes to colors and shades than anyone else.  A lot of you guys ask us what is the most popular color or shade that people pick for their tints so we figured we might as tell you what they are. In short, our top 5 tint choices are as follows:

  1. Smoke — People love the subtle, smoked look of our Smoke film. Not too dark and not too light, it's just right for most everyone.
  2. Blackout — As you can see from the pics in today's post, Blackout is great looking film despite the fact hat it is really dark.
  3. Yellow Smoke — For those of you going for that retro-JDM look our Yellow Smoke is the perfect choice.
  4. Blue Smoke — Want the look of HID headlight without the expense or hassle? That's where our Blue Smoke film comes in.
  5. Matte Smoke — If you're a Plasti-dip lover our Matte Smoke is perfect for you. It's got that satin look with the durability of vinyl!

In addition to these favs, people also love our shade-shifter Chameleon, Neon (shown here), Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Green, Clear and our Midnight Static Cling Film. Clearly, when you want the most choices and the best value you want Rtint®!

Blackout Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Neon Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Get the Tools & Know-How You Need

It's only natural to feel a little intimidated when trying something new but that's no reason to pay more and get less. Sure, shops and installers would love for you to pay up to 3 times as much to have them spray or tint your headlights but why pay more when you don't have to? Spray tints (except for Plasti-dip) are permanent and can ruin your expensive factory lights while dip easily scratches off. Trust Rtint® to give you the perfect mix of semi-permanent style and durability.

Still worried about installing your covers yourself? Don't be. Every pair of precut tints we sell is shipped with a detailed, single page instructional guide that walks you through every step of the process. From cleaning and preparation to installation and aftercare, we've covered everything. And, if you prefer to see how it's done rather than reading about it be sure to check out our video tutorials as well.

Once you know how to do it you need to get the tools to execute the job. To make it easy on you we offer you the ability to bundle a pro app kit with every purchase but in case you wan to go a la carte we recommend the following tools and fluids for headlight tint installation:

  1. Cleaning solution — We recommend Rapid Prep to clean and prepare your lenses.
  2. Slip-solution — Rapid Tac.
  3. Razor
  4. Squeegee

That's it. You don't need anything else!

Blackout Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Neon Driver Side Close-Up Headlight Tint — Honda Civic Sedan

Thanks Again!

Thanks for reading everyone and don't forget to comment and share the video and pics.

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