Honda Odyssey Pillar Trim

First released in 1995, the Honda Odyssey was the perfect fit for minivan-loving families of the 1990s. Unlike other leading minivans of the time produced by Chrysler and Ford, the 1995 Honda Odysseys rear passenger entry was achieved with hinged doors rather than a sliding door. Now it's possible to remodel your minivan's pillar trim using a full set of make-specific, stick-on pillar trim. Pick from more than 6 dozen diverse colors and styles to change your pillar or refinish its scratched, chalky and damaged pillars. Aren't able to find a pair of custom pillar trim? You'll find 3M ™ and Rwraps ™ Pillar Wraps that are designed to supply you the very finest in performance and design.

Precut Rtrim ™ Honda Odyssey Pillar Post Trim

Rtrim ™ Odyssey Precut Pillar kits are made for your ride. Choose between many different patterns like Carbon Fiber, Matte or Gloss Black, Brushed Metal and more. We've also got custom designs like Engine Turn, Galaxy and Chameleon. An excellent option for adding look of customized styling to your pillars and, due to the fact that these decals are made with air-channel, pressure-sensitive glues, installation is straightforward and quick. Another excellent feature of Rtrim ™ Pillar Post Graphics is they're non-permanent so whether you are looking to sell your automobile or merely customize its appearance , it is possible with no need to worry about damage.

3M™ and Rwraps™ Pillar Wrap Films

Don't see a vehicle specific option for your vehicle or just want to do something a little more one of a kind, take a look at our wide range of 1080 Series and Rwraps™ Pillar Wraps. With more than 2 hundred colors and styles from which to choose, there's certain to be something for everyone. Manufactured from the same films as our Rtrim™ Precut Pillar Post Trim but available as uncut sheets, you'll love the performance and value of these long-lasting, high-style products. Want to know what's involved in the installation process? Check out our great articles on how to wrap your door pillars in our blog and resource section.

What Are Your Honda's Door Pillars?

Your car's roof support posts on both sides of a vehicle's windshield are known as A pillar posts. On a normal automobile, further support beams are located between the back and front doors (B pillar) as well as on either side of the rear window (C pillar). In Sport utility vehicles, minivans and wagons with expanded cargo areas, the C Pillar is the vertical structure behind the back door while the vertical supports at the rear of the car are described as D pillars.

Share Your Pillar Trim Pics for Cash

When you submit pictures of your installed Honda Odyssey Rtrim™ Pillar Trims or wrapped pillar posts, you can get up to a $20 Instant Rebate Refund. Want more? Post a review to our site and you could save up to $10 on your next order. SO, what are you waiting for? Modify your door pillars today with any of our great and affordable options.


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