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Remove old or damaged window tint on your Hyundai using the Gila window tint remover kit with scraper blade. Whether you had your kit professionally installed or it was a DIY job, this kit aides in removing damaged film. Gila makes removing tint quicker and easier in this all-in-one removal kit.

Manufacturer Part Number: Gila-Remover-018
Window Tint Application Tools &

Window Tint Remover

The Gila® FR200 window tint remover kit is the perfect solution to the problem of removing window tint from your vehicle's windows. Removing old and bubbling window tint has always been a time consuming project and there are any number of tips and tricks out there that are intended to make the process easier. Unfortunately, most of the time, these so-called shortcuts not only take more time and money but they can also damage your vehicle's interior and glass as well. Trust Gila®, a brand that is synonymous with window tinting to provide you with the the all-in-one window tint removal kit that will solve your removal problems once and for all.

All-in-One Window Tint Removal

The Gila® FR200 window tint removal kit is the answer to every tinter's prayers. Each kit contains the following:

  • A spray bottle designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand
  • 8 fluid ounces of specially formulated window film adhesive remover
  • A razor scraper and razor
  • Detailed, printed instructions that walk you through the removal process

All you need to do when you receive the kit is remove the plastic packaging and get to work. The FR200 window tint remover requires no additional water and is ready to use right out the box. So, if you've got a vehicle that needs a little TLC in the form of new window tint, make the smart choice and buy a Gila® tint removal kit today.

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