Hyundai Sonata Window Tint Kit

Upgrade & Protect Your Hyundai Sonata with Window Film

Made from top-quality materials, these window tint kits ensure durability and resistance to peeling or fading. They not only provide privacy but also help in reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays. If you own a Hyundai Sonata, we have a special line of Rtint Window Tint Kits tailored just for your vehicle. This ensures the ideal balance between visibility and protection, aligning with legal regulations. DIY window tints are an excellent option for those looking to undertake a fun and rewarding project. The process of ordering is straightforward, and our quick shipping ensures you get your pre-cut window tints in no time. Order now and take the first step in customizing your vehicle with top-of-the-line DIY window tints designed specifically for the Hyundai Sonata.


Choose from All the Most Popular VLTs

The 70% VLT and higher shades are best for drivers who want minimal tinting while still enjoying protection from UV rays. For those in the Hyundai Sonata community, specific forums and groups might also provide insights into suitable VLT shades for your make and model. Whether you desire privacy, UV protection, or aesthetic appeal, understanding VLT shades is key to achieving your desired result. Installing window tints with the proper VLT not only ensures legality but also contributes to road safety by preserving visibility. The shades of VLT available cater to diverse needs, and understanding them empowers you to make an informed choice for your vehicle. Moving towards a 35% VLT, the tint becomes more transparent, allowing more light in, while still offering a level of privacy. Explore our extensive range of VLT shades today, and elevate your driving experience with the right window tint for your vehicle.


Hassle-Free Installation, Professional Results

Measure the windows to ensure that the precut tints are the right size for your Hyundai Sonata. Next, spray a mixture of soap and water on the inside of the window. Use a squeegee or hard card wrapped in a soft cloth to press the tint into place on your Hyundai Sonata. If you find any bubbles, use the squeegee to push them towards the edge of the window on your Hyundai Sonata. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners, as they can degrade the tint material over time. Ensure that all tools and materials used for the installation are compatible with your Hyundai Sonata. For those who own a unique or customized Hyundai Sonata, special consideration may be needed.

Restyle Your Hyundai Sonata Today

These tints provide privacy, UV protection, and a sleek look tailored to your specific vehicle. Need assistance? Our dedicated support team is ready to help you choose the ideal tint for your Hyundai Sonata. Join the community of satisfied customers who have trusted our products for their vehicles. Make your purchase today and witness the incredible difference our precut window tints can make on your Hyundai Sonata. We value our customers, and our top-rated customer service is always here to assist you with your Hyundai Sonata. Join the ranks of countless satisfied customers who have transformed their vehicles with our products. Our industry-leading precut window tints are crafted to fit seamlessly on your Hyundai Sonata.


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by Ish, New york 4.00

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The tints were good. Most were cut good also expect my driver side window. That one was cut out on the tint film itself. So upon removing part of it wasnt fully cut and ripped. While trying to pull outer film and apply. Back window was hard as hell to apply came out messy. Ill write another review with pictures. Overall all the windows are messed up.

by J. Campbell, Massachusetts 1.00

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Tints we’re not cut to the proper size. There were gaps on both sides and it didn’t even come close to completely covering the window. The film is also non returnable. I crumpled the film and threw it in the trash, because that’s exactly where it belongs. I have an appointment with a professional window tint service and I am happy to pay after my experience with RVinyl.

by Corry, Virginia 5.00

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3.75 | 4 Reviews