Land Rover Vehicle Wraps

Land Rover has been in business for more than six decades and, although they weren't the originators of off-road utility vehicles (that distinction goes to Jeep), they were certainly the first to put a luxury spin on them. The first Land Rover was released in 1948 by the UK automaker Rover to serve as a replacement for the US Army’s Jeep. Interestingly enough it was initially produced using a Jeep’s chassis!

The second millennium has been a time of turmoil for automakers around the world and Land Rover as well. As a result of the Great Recession of 2008, Ford sold the company to Indian car make Tata — a strange choice for a brand that specializes only in luxury SUVs. Nevertheless, Land Rover has still managed to excel at what it does: manufacturing rugged yet refined vehicles that are as comfortable being driven by a valet on Park Ave as they are by a miner in the Yukon.

Land Rover Vehicle Wraps — Color Change Vinyl for All

Got an older Discovery and want to restore it to its former glory? Series 1080 wraps from 3M™ give you a full palette of OEM-style colors to choose from in bold finishes like Gloss, Matte, Brushed metals, Satin and shade-shift Flip films too. Wrap your entire LR2 to get the look of a brand new paint job without spending your whole paycheck! Wrap your LR3's front fascia in Rwraps™ Matte Chrome or upgrade your Range Rover's hood with Rwraps™ Carbon Fiber. When you lay it on your Land Rover there's simply no end to what you can achieve!

How Much Wrap Do You Need?

Use the following formula to figure out how much vinyl your Land Rover will need to get a complete wrap. Simply calculate the length of your vehicle and multiply it by three (one for each side and the roof, hood and trunk). Next, add an extra 5 to 15 feet for bumpers, rocker panels, spoilers and mistakes. The following example should help:

  • The smallest 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is approximately 172 inches in length.
  • 172 inches x 3 ~ 43 feet + 7 feet = 50 feet
  • Therefore, you would need two 60-inch by 10 yard rolls to completely wrap your Evoque.

Please note: Land Rover vehicle wraps are meant for application only on OEM paint jobs.

Land Rover Vehicle Wraps Specs

3M™ and Rwraps™ Land Rover vehicle wraps are designed for the DIY installer to be used right out of the box without needing to be laminated or primed. Engineered with pressure-sensitive and heat-activated adhesives, you can depend on these vinyl wrap films not to discolor or deform even when applied around the most extreme of curves unlike calendared films. Enjoy the convenience and quality of our professional grade, DIY ready films and get to wrapping!

  • Cast films for wrapping
  • Selection of over 200 bold colors and finishes
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Air-release channels for bubble-free results
  • Sold by the foot in widths of 12, 24 60 inch rolls (Series 1080 is only available in 60-inch wide format)
  • Semi-permanent and removable

Get Cash to for Your Land Rover Wrap

We look good when you look good so be sure to take photos of your Land Rover vehicle wrap once you're done. Simply upload 5 or 6 good shots of your wrap from multiple angles with a short review and we'll issue your $20 Cash Back rebate refund. What could be better? You get the look you want plus cash in your pocket.

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