Land Rover Window Tints

Precut window tint kits are a great way to add that custom look to your Land Rover without wasting time or money on so-called professional installation. Whether you own a late model Evoque, Discovery Sport or a classic Range Rover, precut widnow tint is a great way to freshen the look of your ride, give you the UV protection you need and the privacy you want. Choose from popular shades like 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT in our ultra thin, single ply charcoal film  so you get the look you want while keeping it legal. At Rvinyl we're passionate about DIY mods and upgrades so we have made it our duty to carry precut tint kits for every Land Rover on the road today. Once you browse our selection and prices we're sure you'll see why you need to buy today!

Quick. Simple. Intuitive.

Our precut window tint kits help you upgrade your Land Rover in just minutes and at a minimum cost. SInce they're designed to fit your eaxct model, make and year vehicle there's no worrying about trying to work with delicate sheets of film. Simply remove each section from the liner, spray your slip solution and apply like a champ! Sound complicated? It isn't and it's even easier to understand and accomplish because every Land Rover tint kit comes with detailed installation instructions.

As a Land Rover owner you're oeone who knows what they want and doesn't want to waste time trying to get to it. At Rvinyl we've done our research and come up with an ordering expereince that we describe as quickm, simple and intuitive. Using our drop down menu you first select your year, make and model. Once you arrive at your specific Land Rover, use our convenineit, graphical interface to order the exact shade you want for each section of your vehciles windows. Mix and match and sleect no visor with 20% front windows, 35% back windows and a 5% rear windshield or any combination in between.

Part of streamlining the ordering process was giving you the choice to add a professional window tint installation kit to every order at a discounted rate. The importance of having the right tools can't be understated and Gila's pro app kits have everything you need including: a spray bottle with application fluid, a retractable razor, a conqueror squeegee and a lint free cloth. For your convenience we also  offer a number of other tools for purchase à la carte such as Lil Chizlers, gasket tools, window tint removal kits and more.

Why Buy a Precut Land Rover Window Tint?

Buying a precut tint may seem like a leap of faith at first but, as you can see, it is the smartest choice. SOme other benefits of choosing a DIY Land Rover tint kit are:

  • Precut widnwo tint kits can save you up to 75% off the cost a shop would charge for installation and materials.
  • Every tint kit you purchase from us carries a 3-Year Warranty against peeling, cracking and fading.
  • If you make a mistake installing your kit we offer Discounted Replacement Pieces so you can fix it.
  • All orders ship out within one business day.

Cash Back Rebates

Before we go we wanted to share with you our secret weapon: the cash back rebate program. Every Land Rover precut window tint kit we offer is eligible for a rebate refund of up to $20 and it's incredibly simple to do. SImply buy a kit, install it and then take 5 or more multiple angle photos. When you think you're ready upload them or email them in to us and we will review them before issuing up to a $20 refund to your payment method and posting them to our site. So,  don't delay, buy your tint kit today!

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Sun blocking vinyl arrived right away.
by Good Sunblocker, Beaumont, Texas 5.00

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I was so happy to receive the sun blocking vinyl for my car. I will install them Friday after the rain clears today, Thursday.


5.00 | 1 Reviews