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    Rwraps™ Leather Vinyl Film in a crimson red is a uniquely textured and embossed adhesive backed leather film sheet which applies like a sticker or wrap to just about any surface. Customize and personalize anything you own with the look and feel of real leather. Submit high quality pictures of your applied vinyl film to receive a Cash Back Rebate.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-LET-004

    Rwraps™ Leather Vinyl Film Wrap - Red Features

    • Adhesive backed, ready to apply textured film.
    • Heat conformable for extreme curves and wraps.
    • 3 mil thick (.0084") blends seamlessly with application area.
    • Warranty backed, durable and UV stable.
    • Available in 12" widths.

    Rwraps leather vinyl wrap films are a premium wrapping film. Specially engineered with durability in mind, application is simple for professionals and novice installers alike. Available in a variety of sizes and widths, to fit just about any custom project from vehicle wraps to commercial signage, this film is UV stable, warranty backed and installer friendly. This 2-layer product consists of release liner and the embossed film. This film has a matte finish. Heat conformable, this film can be applied to just about any hard surface with even simple extreme curves. Upgrade your project with the look of leather in a satin finish, then look no further than Rwraps for the solution.

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