Mazda Black Caliper Covers

ABS® Mazda Black Caliper Covers

Mazda Black Caliper Covers by ABS are designed to fit OEM front and rear style calipers. When you are looking for the style of a high performance SSBC brake system, but don?t have the budget these durable ABS plastic black caliper covers are a great way to make your dollars stretch. Improve the styling and even make your Mazda custom wheels stand out with this brake dust shield system.

Price: $21.99 Retail: $29.99

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Mazda Yellow Caliper Covers

ABS® Mazda Yellow Caliper Covers

Mazda Yellow Caliper Covers by ABS are designed to fit OEM front and rear style calipers. Need the look of big brakes in a hot yellow finish, then these plastic durable brake dust covers will keep your rims looking shiny while customizing your Mazda with an appearance package inspired by Hawk Performance Brake systems.

Price: $23.99 Retail: $32.99

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Mazda Dupli-Color Caliper Paint Kit

Dupli-Color® Mazda Caliper Paint Kit

Mazda Dupli-Color Caliper Paint kit comes complete with caliper cleaner, high temperature paint, application stirrer, brush and masking tape. Personalize your Mazda's calipers and brake drums without having to use an aerosol paint spray. With easy to follow video how-to instructions, you will be on your way to having a customized calipers without having to use traditional covers.

Price: $44.99 Retail: $48.99

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Mazda Caliper Paint

VHT® Mazda Caliper Paint

Mazda Caliper Paint by VHT is a caliper cover alternative that can be used to customize your brakes, rotors, drums and calipers. Update the exterior appearance of your Mazda in bright blue, bright yellow, cast aluminum, gloss black, gold, real orange, real red and satin black. This caliper paint is heat resistant to 900?F (482?C) and will not chip, crack, fade or rust even under extremes of...

Price: $24.99 Retail: $28.99

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Mazda Caliper Clear Coat

VHT® Mazda Caliper Paint Clear Coat

Mazda Caliper Paint Clear Coat by VHT is specially designed to give your painted calipers a gloss finish with extreme durability. Much like VHT's caliper paint, these clear coats are rated at an outstanding 900ºF for maximum durability. Keep your painted calipers, rotors and drum brakes looking like they just got sprayed. Not only does clear coating extend the life of the paint job, it...

Price: $24.99 Retail: $27.99

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Mazda Caliper Degreaser

VHT® Mazda Caliper Cleaner

Mazda Caliper Cleaner by VHT is an aggressive degreaser and key to painting your brake parts properly. It safely removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake calipers, rotors and drums. It dries quickly and leaves no residue. Essential to anyone painting their calipers or wanting a clean install.

Price: $24.99 Retail: $26.99

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Mazda Caliper Paint Primer

VHT® Mazda Caliper Paint Primer

Mazda Caliper Paint Primer by VHT is part of the multi-step high performance coating systems. When you want your calipers to look professionally painted, primer is key to the process. Capable of withstanding extreme heat conditions, primer gives you a clean finish, even color distribution and extended life. Think of it as self-warranting your work.

Price: $24.99

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