Stabilo 8008 Graphite All Pencil For Marking Graphics
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Stabilo 8052 White All Pencil For Decal Markings
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Getting the Measurements

When you're working on DIY projects, you'll come across a variety of materials you'll want to use. You may want to apply a vinyl to your vehicle or furniture, tint your windows, headlights and tail lights with specific tints or want to decorate something. All of these things that require precise planning and measurements to get your application done flawlessly. You don't want a sloppy job and you don't want to risk not having enough material to work with. Nor do you want to mess up your material by carelessly drawing on it with the wrong type of utensil. Why waste more time and money when you can prepare properly on your needed tools. That's why you'll need to choose reliable, high quality pencils to outline what you're going to do. Ones that will work with whatever kind of material you plan to use. Quality and reliability are extremely important criteria for getting professional level results, so be sure to choose the pencil you want to start your project! Eliminate any chance for potential issues by checking out this comprehensive guide to get your project off the ground.

Knowing your Utensils

So you may ask yourself; "Why should I use these specific pencils? I can just use whatever is lying around the house to outline and measure my material." That may be true, you could just grab a pencil or marker to outline something but then you'll end up messing up the vinyl you purchased by going that route. That's counter-productive, don't you think? Here's a list of common products that you might think will help make outlines on your vinyl, but in actuality, will ruin it.

  • Ballpoint Pens
  • Markers
  • Stencils
  • Sharpies
  • Mechanical Pencils

A ballpoint pen may be something you absentmindedly decide to grab to do a quick outline but that is going to spell disaster for your vinyl. The properties of the ink will bleed into your vinyl, and discolor the section it was used on. It will also smudge if you attempt to wipe it away, even if you try to do so carefully. There's always the risk of the ink randomly bursting depending on the integrity of the point, which will leave a mess on your hands and vinyl. The same can be said with sharpies and markers, except those (depending on the type) will remain permanently stained to your material and equally as difficult to get off of your skin. Depending on the section you drew on, you potentially just wasted your vinyl and money.

With mechanical pencils, stencils and ordinary pencils you may get a lighter yet more precise outline that won't bleed into the material like with markers and pens, but you may not be able to see it depending on the color of your vinyl. Even more so if you're trying to outline tint. If you try to force a darker outline by applying a bit more pressure, you could break your lead point and damage your material. You might be able to highlight with lighter colored stencils but they too will smudge tint and stain the vinyl's colors. A sharp point is needed for a consistent line, in which case you probably just created a scratch on the tint due to the sharp points these pencils have. On vinyl, you may have an outline but you will have to erase it at some point, and erasers do leave blemishes and unsightly flakes that will make your vinyl's coloration less vibrant compared to the non-erased parts.

Clearly these ordinary household pens and pencils are not up to par when it comes to being used in this particular DIY hobby. There must be some way you can outline your film without issues, right? Well thankfully there is a light at the end of this tunnel. There are no shortcuts to achieving a perfect outline, you have to get the right products! That's why at Rvinyl we offer the Stabilo® Series Graphite Pencils to give you that precise outline. The Stabilo® 8008 Graphite All Pencil is a red colored pencil with a black tip. Ideal for highlighting lighter color objects that will be worked on. Its brother, the Stabilo® 8052 White All Pencil is a white colored pencil with a white tip. Perfect for highlighting darker objects. Both do a perfect job at helping align large body graphics and aiding in windshield decal installation projects, along with being easily erasable without leaving any kind of residue or eraser flakes that most products have issues with. These pencils work with sharpeners, so be sure to have a good quality one on hand.

These Stabilo Pencils are a versatile and useful colored pencils made with soft, waxy leads that can be used to write or draw on virtually any surface, ideal for DIY projects. Such materials include metal, glass, foil, metal, plastic, vinyl, film, and many more. These pencils are water-soluble so they can be wiped off with a damp cloth or erased when used on paper. Thanks to the waxy lead material of this pencil's point, you won't have to worry about scratching your material. Nor worry about issues when erasing your line. So you can guide your outline with peace of mind. When in use, depending on the amount of pressure you apply, these pencils work in a similar way as charcoal but is far more cleaner and precise, along with not leaving a mess everywhere. Outside of outlining, the pencil can also be used on paper for drawing and. It's a medium that takes some practice to get use to, so feel free to test out to test it out on paper to decide what kind of line pressure you want on your material, as it can create deep black lines to shading effects in a variety of tones. Adding to its versatility. However due take caution and to not store these pencils where moisture accumulates as the waxy lead can absorb the moisture and lose its properties. Whatever variant of the Stabilo pencil you choose for your DIY project, you'll be guaranteed to have flawless alignments.

Measurements Make or Break

All in all, when it comes to the DIY hobby, getting proper measurements is a crucial first step towards finishing a project successfully. Having the right pencil to start the process will save time on redoing imperfections without damaging the material. The Stabilo Pencils are definitely the utensils you should be using for your DIY projects. They can be used with other projects or hobbies such as drawing and will produce a variety of different results with just a shift in pressure. Their versatility and capabilities feels as if there's multiple different pencils rolled into one. In the same vain as a multipurpose knife. Choose a pencil that will work for your project the best and get going!