Avery SF100 Chrome Mirror Metalized Cut Vinyl Film

Avery™ SF100 Metalized Film Series - Chrome Mirror

Avery™ SF100 Metalized Mirror Chrome gives you a true, chrome look that doesn’t disappoint. Perfect for use in die-cut decals, lettering, signage and more, this polyester film actually films like real, metal foil. Use it to create labels with thermal printing and get a full three years of outdoor use with this Mirror Chrome film. Not recommended for wrapping, choose Avery Dennison®...

Price: $4.99 Retail: $6.99

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Avery SF100 Confetti Metalized Cut Vinyl Film

Avery™ SF100 Metalized Film Series - Confetti

Get the one-of-a-kind look of this Avery Dennison® holographic Confetti film. At 4 mil thick, it cuts in any brand of electronic cutter like a champ so don’t be afraid to put it to use in your Silhouette or Cricut machine. Works equally well as a banner, windshield decal or cut craft or signage. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to send in your photos for our $20 Rebate Refund!

Price: $10.99 Retail: $13.99

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ORACAL 351 Chrome Metallized Polyester Film

ORACAL® 351 Metallized Polyester Film - Chrome

Unlike Rwraps™ and Avery™ SF 100 Chrome films, this ORACAL® Series 351 Metallized Chrome is a Polyester Film which means it Is not suited for wrapping but is ideal for use in plotter cutters and other craft and sign applications where wrap film would not be appropriate. At 0.9 mil thick, you can use this 351 Chrome to create intricately detailed scroll work, cut graphics and lettering...

Price: $5.99 Retail: $7.99

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