Avery SF100 Gold Leaf Metalized Cut Vinyl Film
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ORACAL 352 Gold Print Polyester Film
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ORACAL 383 Gold Ultraleaf Cast Film
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What Is Metal Vinyl

What Is Metal Vinyl?

As a method for making your ride your own, metal vinyl is simple to place and costs less than getting a professionally installed wrap. You can complete your own custom vinyl alterations as a DIY project entirely from your home garage. Professionals can install vinyl wraps at auto custom shops, but wraps are also affordable for users looking for this type of personal solution.

Metal vinyl is useful for all kinds of DIY projects and crafts unrelated to auto work. It's also a fun way to make quick, inexpensive changes around the house or customize your stuff. Keep reading to learn more about metal vinyl.

Types of Metal Vinyl

Metal films come in different styles and have many potential uses. Popular brands of metal vinyl include Avery Dennison™, ORACAL® and RCRAFT™. For which type of vinyl to choose for your project, consider how these factors will affect your plans:

  • The overall thickness: Thin vinyl films are better for crafts, whereas thick vinyl is ideal for wrapping a car. You'll want to use vinyl that will hold up against the elements when working on your car.
  • The style: Metallized vinyl offers many great options. You can choose golds or silvers, leaf or brushed, and many other options. It's best to look at the surface you want to decorate and visualize the change before making a purchase.
  • The material: Many kinds of vinyl are designed to look like metal without being real metal, and some contain polyester. The material type influences the cost and behavior of the finished product.

Metal Vinyl Options

Metalized craft vinyl comes in many styles, including:

  • Brushed craft vinyl: This 4-mil film material looks and feels like real brushed chrome and gold. It's great for a Silhouette or Graphtec cutter and lasts for around three years.
  • Polyester film: This 0.9-mil thick metalized vinyl with polyester is not for wrapping a vehicle, but it works well with plotter cutters and sewing machines. It makes excellent graphics and artistic decals.
  • Metal mirror: This extra reflective material behaves like metal foil and is great for die-cut decals and lettering. It's recommended for other uses besides wrapping.
  • Metal leaf: This elegant vinyl has a gold or silver leaf pattern and high durability. You can apply it outdoors and use it in your car.
  • Holographic vinyl: Confetti vinyl and other holographic are 4-mil thick and work with Silhouette cutters and Cricut machines. You can use holographic vinyl as decals or banners.

Applications for Metal Wraps

Applications for Metal Wraps

Vinyl wraps can create a custom look for your vehicle. Options for auto owners include the following applications:

  • Full wraps: A wrap can be done in an auto shop after you purchase the metal vinyl materials. However, with the right tools, you can perform it yourself.
  • Bumpers: The bumper is an often overlooked feature for DIY auto enthusiasts, but changing its color can make your ride look like a completely different car. 
  • Mirrors: The mirrors are a simple but rewarding part of your car to alter.
  • Hoods and trunks: A metal vinyl graphic expresses your car's personality and looks great on the hood or trunk.
  • The interior trim: Using vinyl around your car's trim is a less dramatic change with a lot of potentials.

Metalized vinyl is also great for home improvement projects and crafts. Below are even more potential uses:

  • Decals: You can make your own graphics for more than just your car. Think about creating decals for your sound or sports equipment to show off your style.
  • Signage and lettering: Creating a sign to decorate your room or a personal item is possible with vinyl, and it will stay on for a long time.
  • Walls and ceilings: Use vinyl to decorate your walls with a backsplash, hide seams or create depth.
  • Furniture: Apply vinyl wraps and graphics to couches, chairs, and tables to restore them to their former glory or to add a fun new twist.
  • Appliances: Vinyl wraps leave an artistic touch on a kitchen or laundry room when you decorate your appliances.
  • Arcade machines, stereos, and game room furniture: Adding vinyl graphics is a quick way to update your vintage game room.

Metal Wraps for Other Vehicles

Metal vinyl wraps are useful items for customizing more than just cars, trucks and SUVs. They have many potential applications for other vehicle types, including:

  • Golf carts: A personalized golf cart is easy to recognize as your own when you're out on the green.
  • Boats: Custom graphics make a new boat stand out.
  • Bicycles: Update your bike's look with a new color scheme.

The Benefits of Using Metal Vinyl

Metal vinyl has many application purposes depending on its thickness. Instead of getting a one-size-fits-all solution, you can select the right material for your intended project. Whether you're looking for a wrap with superior durability or a thick material to cut a craft out of, metal vinyl has several advantages:

1. Attractive Features and Details

Attractive Features and Details

Your work stands out when you make designs on metalized vinyl. This material adds aesthetic value to your signs and crafts projects and breathes new life into old equipment and appliances.

2. Eye-Grabbing Text

Text prints cleanly on patterned vinyl materials, whether you're adding a small logo or a long quote. Text is easy to read on vinyl and captures the attention of onlookers. The possibilities for printed patterns, images, or text are only limited by your preferences.

3. Easy to Process

You can cut metalized vinyl using a digital processor another method, including steel rule die, thermal, embossing, thermoform, and dome. Even vinyl of the appropriate thickness for wrapping cars is thin enough to cut and process using multiple tools.

4. High-Performing Special Effects

Vinyl in polished, mirrored and leaf metals have a stunning visual effect. It looks like metal without the cutting difficulties. Metalized vinyl cuts and prints more cleanly than polyester or comparable materials. 

5. Highly Printable

Screenprint inks show well on vinyl. You can also use thermal transfer, solvent or eco-solvent printing systems, and UV-curable inkjets for printing on metal vinyl.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Large motor vehicles or other big-ticket items are expensive to professionally customize. Metalized vinyl provides a high-quality alternative to more expensive films.

Get Metal Vinyl Films With Rvinyl

If you're looking for the right materials to enhance your next auto or craft project, Rvinyl has the solutions. Our products are the tools you need to customize your car, another vehicle or a craft project quickly and easily. A tint shop or detailer charges more for the process and may have limited options, but with us, you can DIY your vision.

We stock more than 100 colors, offering ample customization opportunities. Explore our varied range of metal vinyl wraps today. If you have questions about our products, contact us to learn more.

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Great Products, Terrible Customer Serivce
by Hannah, TX 4.50

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Placed an order 8/30, told it would take 5-7 days and unfortunately there is no option to pay to expedite. I patiently waited 7 business days and reached back out for an update. At that point I was informed this was BACKORDERED. Would have been nice to know when I had called to ask about original lead time and was just told the processing time. Then I was told it was coming in, but they'd have to check in with the warehouse for an update. I had to call or open chats almost every day to request updates on my order. Continually told "let me check and let you know". Most of the time I didn't get updates and had to follow up again. It was the worst customer service experience I have had in a long time. There is no sense of urgency and don't use this company if you need anything within a month.

Not a 1st time customer - but - A 1st time product
by Dwayne from Vegas Vinyl's, Henderson, NV 5.00

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I asked for a gold mirrored product for a customer/friend that has a very expensive Harley. He is a retired gunner in the Marines & a retired cop. This is a great patriotic man and I wanted to plese him. I was turned onto this product by rvinyl's recommendation, really-really impressed you can brush your teeth in this mirror. Have not installed in yet on his bike but I am feeling good that he will be amazed with the way it looks.

RVinyl had vinyl in stock when no one else did.
by Wyatt, Creative Signs and Graphics, 5.00

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When I contacted all my local distributors looking for gold leaf I was let down because everyone was out of stock. I thought I would need to tell the customer it's just not possible for the foreseeable future. But RVinyl came in clutch, having the gold leaf in stock. Will definitely keep RVinyl on my list of suppliers from now on.


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