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    Rtint™ Midnight Smoke Static-Cling Tint Film is an optically clear non-adhesive wrapping film with a 33% VLT shade. Because it adheres to the surfaces of your lights with static electricity it can be removed and re-applied as many times as necessary making it ideal for show use. Give your car, ATV, truck or SUV's headlights, taillights and fog lights a dark blue smoked out look that's a fraction of the cost of replacement aftermarket lights and easier to apply than messy and permanent spray tints.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rtint-s-006

    Rtint® Midnight Smoke Tint Film Features

    • Midnight Smoke Tint: 33% VLT
    • Non-adhesive — applies via static cling
    • Heat conforms to your lights
    • Remove & reapply
    • 3-year Warranty

    Rtint® Midnight Smoke Vinyl Wraps

    Rtint® Midnight Smoke light tinting films are a great way to add dark, midnight tint to your vehicle's lights. Whether you want to tint your headlights, tail lights, reflectors or any other lens or light housing, this static cling tint film lets you do it quickly and easily. Rtint® Midnight Smoke Static-Cling tint film is unique because it can be removed and re-applied as many times as necessary since it uses no glues or adhesives to apply. Simply use heat and a squeegee to thermo-form them to the contours of your lights and you'll be enjoying the deep, dark tint in no time at all.

    Like all Rtint® smoke tint films, our Midnight Smoke light tinting film is covered by our three year warranty and will tint your lights without impacting the hue of the light output by them.

    Rtint® Midnight Smoke Tint Wraps Installation

    Check out our tutorial videos to learn how to install this Rtint® Midnight Smoke film. And, even though not every possible application may be covered by the videos, the techniques demonstrated are equally applicable to any lights you might want to tint. In addition to the videos, we also provide detailed text-based installation instructions online and with your Rtint® Midnight Smoke wrap as well.

    Factors to consider that will have an impact upon the difficulty of installation are:

    • The skill level of the person installing
    • The curvature and complexity of the lights
    • The use of proper tools and fluids

    Which Application Tools Do You Recommend for Rtint® Midnight Smoke Film?

    Due to the fact that our Midnight Smoke film is static cling you may not need all of our tools although we do recommend the following:

    • A squeegee with a friction sleeve to assist in heat conforming the film
    • Rapid Prep to remove dirt and waxes
    • Rapid Clear will act as a finishing agent and polish on all Rtint® Midnight Smoke films

    Are Rtint® Films Legal?

    Rtint® tint films may not be legal for street use on primary lighting. Please check your state or local laws before application. Our colored films do not produce a tinted light when lit. All non-clear films are intended for off-road show car use only.

    Can Rtint® Midnight Smoke Film Be Applied to Windows?

    Yes, it can be applied to widows and we use it to fabricate our static cling window visors.

    What Does 33% VLT Mean?

    Rtint® Midnight Smoke film is a smoked headlight film you just won't find anywhere else and will smoke your lights by about 33% while still allowing 67% of light to escape the light housing. When speaking of light tint films, it works opposite of window tint as you are trying to make the light appear darker on the outside rather than from the inside.

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