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When you need a Matte Chrome film that is printable to make labels and designs choose ORACAL® 352 Matte Chrome Print Polyester Film. Because this film is 0.9 mil thick and features a clear adhesive with low ooze characteristics it weeds easily and transfers like a charm. Use this 352 Print Matte Chrome to create intricate graphics, detailed decals and small lettering with ease.

Manufacturer Part Number: 2

ORACAL® 352 Print Polyester Vinyl

  • Print Polyester Film
  • 0.9 Mil Thick
  • Especially Designed for Use as a Plotter Film
  • Up to 2 Year Outdoor Durability (1 Year for Gold Film)
  • Not Recommended for Wraps

ORACAL® Series 352 Print Polyester Film

ORACAL® Series 352 Print Polyester films are made especially for use in your Cricut, Silhouette or professional plotter cutter. Now you too can make premium quality decorative labels, name and technical plates as well a classic decoration and moldings. Add some bling to your things and make printed Chrome or Gold Chrome safety stickers, graphics and cut lettering or symbols. These top coated polyester films are particularly suited for first-class decorative labels like doming labels, name plates and technical plates. They possess an excellent dimensional stability, good long term ageing properties and may be applied to apolar and structured substrates. Not intended to be used as a wrapping film.

352 Series Specifications

  • Finish: Gloss  
  • Installation Temperature Range: +50°F (+10°C) minimum (air and substrate)
  • End Use Temperature Range: -50°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
  • Adhesives: Solvent polyacrylate, permanent
  • Liner: Silicone-coated paper with special release characteristics
  • Conformability: Flat, simple curves
  • Thickness: 0.9 mil & 2.0 mil
  • Application Type: Wet or Dry

Share Your Bling & Reap the Rewards

When you share your latest ORACAL® 352 project with us by sending in your review and at least six photos we'll issue you a refund of up to $20! That's right! Because we want to see your work and show what can be done you may just get paid twice for your work: once by your customer and once by us!



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