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951 Premium Gray vinyl is extremely flexible and fabricated from the best in quality materials. Regardless of whether you're looking for a craft vinyl you can cut in your Silhouette, Brother or other electronic cutter or a vinyl you can use to wrap smaller goods, this high-gloss, this ORACAL® Gray film is just what you need. And, since it's a not a calendered sign and craft vinyl it effortlessly molds to curvatures, nooks and rivets so that you can make sophisticated motor vehicle graphics, labels, racing stripes, lettering and much more. Plus, with an outdoor durability of no less than 8 years, you get the reassurance of knowing you don't need to worry about removing and reapplying the film for years to come. No matter what you decide to make with this DIY-friendly, Premium Gray 951 vinyl make sure that you snap some photos and email them in to us for our $20 Rapid Photo Rebate.

Manufacturer Part Number: 71

ORACAL® 951 Cast Vinyl

  • Cast, 2.0 mil film
  • Available in 146 Gloss Colors
  • 84# Custom Paper Liner
  • High-gloss finish
  • Up to 10 Year Outdoor Durability

ORACAL® Premium 951 Cast Vinyl 

ORACAL® 951 Premium Cast PVC film is engineered specifically for plotter applications with optimal cutting and application characteristics. Specially developed for lettering, marking and decoration and particularly well-suited to high quality advertising on vehicles and public transport systems such as buses and trains. This Premium Cast vinyl is also suited for application onto uneven and curved surfaces, even over rivets and corrugations. Except for matte colors, the surface of ORACAL® 951 has a high glossy finish. Available in 146 colors and in matte white or black. The high glossy finished surface is suitable for thermal transfer printing (with resin ribbons).

951  Series Specifications

  • Finish: Gloss  
  • Installation Temperature Range: +60°F (+16°C) minimum (air and substrate)
  • End Use Temperature Range: -50°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
  • Adhesives: : Permanent Clear Acrylic
  • Liner: #84 Silicone Coated Paper
  • Conformability: Superior conformability for complex, curved surfaces
  • Thickness: 2.0
  • Application Type: Wet or Dry

Cash Back for Your Photos

Want to get up to $20 for your next vinyl project? Just send us 5 or 6 high-quality photos of your ORACAL® 951 Premium Cast film in your project, write up a brief review and send it to us. Within a few days we'll process your submissions and issue up to a $20 Rebate Refund! So, don't just sit there, pick up a roll and get your cash today!

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