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No one offers more colors, patterns or unique styles of Snowmobile Wrap than ORAFOL's ORACAL® 970RA and 975 Structure Cast series films. Choose from over 130 unique styles of vinyl wrap films like Carbon Fiber, Cocoon and give your sled a truly custom look in no time at all. Even if you don't have the budget or time for a complete snow bike wrap, you can just wrap your fenders, gas tank, fairings, handle bars or just about anything else. We're certain you'll love the premium grade quality of ORACAL® vinyl snowmobile wrapping films, so why not treat your sled to the wrap it deserves?

Manufacturer Part Number: ORACAL-001

ORACAL® 970RA & 975 Snowmobile Wrap

  • Premium Cast Wrapping Films
  • 4 to 6 Mil Thick
  • Available in more than 130 colors and styles
  • 89# PE-Coated Silicone Paper
  • RapidAir® Air-Egress Adhesives
  • Up to 6 Year Outdoor Durability

Snowmobile ORACAL® Vinyl Wraps

When you're thinking of wrapping your sled, it only makes sense to get the best your money can buy. ORACAL® Snowmobile Wrapping Premium Cast vinyl really does deliver when it comes to quality and performance, just take a look at their slogan: Engineered to Perform Better™. In addition to all of the great, opaque colors available in the 970RA line, we're also excited to offer ORACAL®'s full line of 975 Structure Premium Cast Wrapping films if you're looking for vinyl wraps with a three dimensional texture you can feel.

970RA  Series Specifications

  • Finish: Variable  
  • Installation Temperature Range: +60°F (+16°C) minimum (air and substrate)
  • End Use Temperature Range: -58°F to +248°F (-50°C to 120°C)
  • Adhesives: : Adhesive Grey, solvent-based, repositionable, permanent adhesive that with heat can be removed with little or no adhesive residue for up to four years.
  • Liner: 89# PE-Coated Silicone Paper
  • Conformability: Superior conformability for complex, curved surfaces
  • Thickness: 4.0 mil
  • Application Type: Wet or Dry

Cash Back for Your Photos

Want to get up to $20 for your next vinyl project? Just send us 5 or 6 high-quality photos of your ORACAL® Snowmobile Wrap on your ride, write up a brief review and send it to us. Within a few days we'll process your submissions and issue up to a $20 Rebate Refund! So, don't just sit there, pick up a roll and get your cash today!

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