ORACAL 975 Cocoon Black Premium Structure Cast Film
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ORACAL 975 Cocoon Silver Gray Premium Structure Cast Film
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ORACAL® 975CO Cocoon Structure Cast Vinyl Wraps

ORACAL® 975CO Premium Cast Cocoon vinyl wraps are a one-of-a-kind film with a hard-to-describe texture. We suppose that ORAFOL (the parent company of ORACAL®) though t calling the vinyl's apparently fibrous, three-dimensional texture cocoon-like was meant to be an accurate description but, when you think about it, is pretty gross. Still, luckily for them both the Black and White 975CO Cocoon Premium Cast vinyl do anything but make your car, truck or SUV look like it's been enveloped by an insect's cocoon and actually give your ride an attractive, multi-layered appeal.

975CO Cocoon Premium Cast Series Film Specifications

975CO Premium Cocoon Cast Wraps are designed to be installed without needing any special fluids or costly overlaminates — in other words, you can start wrapping as soon as you get your roll. And, because these 975CO Premium Structure Cast wraps are 2 to 3 mil thicker than either  SW900 or 1080 Series, they're easier to use and can be stretched even further around corners and curves without pull-back.

  • Made with RapidAir® Technology for repositionability
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Up to a 5 Year Lifespan
  • 5 to 6 mil Thickness
  • 60 inch wide rolls available by the foot
  • Feature a built-in protective clear coat layer

How Many Colors of Cocoon Does ORACAL® Offer?

When you choose ORACAL® 975CO Cocoon vinyl wraps, you get your pick of either Black or White.

What Makes This 975CO Structure Cast Vinyl a Wrap Film?

This Cocoon 975CO film is engineered especially for wrapping, unlike calendered and polyester vinyl films that cannot be stretched without casing discoloration. Its RapidAir® that allows you to quickly and effortlessly reposition the film without worrying that it will stick to itself or that bubbles will become trapped under the surface. Maybe the most helpful characteristic of this 975CO Premium Structure Cast film is that it is sixty inches wide meaning that there will be fewer seams to disrupt the wrapping job so you'll have an easier installation experience and get higher-quality installation results.

Recommended Applications

Due to its extra thickness and the properties of its Premium Cast Cocoon vinyl, it conforms over curved surfaces, rivets and corrugations with ease. Manufactured with a clear-coat, you can rest assured that it will go the distance without the hassle of applying an overlaminate.

  • Vehicle wraps
  • Architectural wrapping
  • Commercial vehicle and fleet wraps
  • Watercraft graphics applied above the static water line only

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