ORACAL 975 Dune Black Premium Structure Cast Film
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ORACAL 975 Dune Brown Premium Structure Cast Film
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ORACAL® 975DN Dune Structure Cast Vinyl Wraps

ORACAL® 975DN Premium Structure Cast Wrapping film will have you asking yourself if ORAFOL (the parent company of the ORACAL®) has ever actually seen a sand dune or a zebra for that matter. If anyone can give us a convincing explanation for why 975DN is called Dune wrap film we will give them a $10 coupon on their next order (please be sure to leave your comments as a product review here). The most we can come up with is that the pattern kind of looks like sand dunes if you were to have an aerial view of them. Kind of but not really. Zebra must have been taken but we all secretly know that's what ORAFOL meant with the 975DN series.

975DN Dune Cast Series Film Specifications

975DN Premium Structure Cast Wraps are made for use without overlaminates (we're not even sure how you can apply one due to its 3D zebra stripes) so you can get to wrapping as soon as you get your roll. At 5 to 6 mil thick, 975DN Premium Cast wraps are thicker than either Avery™ Supreme Wrapping Film or 3M™ 1080, so it goes on easier and more smoothly without you having to worry as much about over-stretching.

  • Made with RapidAir® Technology for bubble-free results
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Up to a 5 Year Lifespan
  • 5 to 6 mil Thickness
  • Yours by the foot in 60 inch wide rolls
  • Made with a built-in protective clear coat layer

How Many Dune Colors Are Available?

When you choose ORACAL® 975DN Dune vinyl wraps, you get your choice of over 2colors as listed below:

  • Dune Black
  • Dune Brown

Interestingly enough, there's no Dune White film which you would kind of expect if they really were trying to model this wrap on everyone's favorite African equine.

What Makes This 975DN Structure Cast Vinyl a Wrap Film?

Unlike calendered and polyester which are made to be cut on a plotter and applied as letters and decals to substrates, Dune 975DN films are engineered specifically for wrapping. What that means they are thicker by as many as two to three mil over craft and sign vinyl to allow for more stretchability, feature air-release channels in their adhesives to prevent bubble formation and they come standard in sixty inch wide rolls. All of these characteristics make them uniquely suited to wrapping and do not lend themselves to application via transfer tape.

Are ORACAL® 975DN Vehicle Wrap Easy Enough for DIY Installers?

It all depends on how experienced you are at installing vinyl wraps but this 975DN Dune Vinyl Wrapping film surely makes it easier. Its 5 to 6 mil thickness and air-egress adhesives give you a crazy  so even first-time installers will be able to get professional looking results provided they follow the basic guidelines for wrap installation. Just clean the surface apply heat and squeegee on. The rest is history.

Recommended Applications

Due to its extra thickness and the properties of its Premium Cast Dune vinyl, it conforms over curved surfaces, rivets and corrugations with ease. And, since it is manufactured with a clear-coat it does not require overlaminate.

  • Complete and partial vehicle wraps
  • Architectural wrapping
  • Display booth wraps
  • Commercial vehicle and fleet wraps
  • Watercraft graphics (above the static water line only)

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