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    Oldsmobile custom dash wraps are made especially for you, the DIY installer. Upgrade and update the aging interior trim of your Old's with a premium quality, Rwraps™ dash wrap today and get a completely customized look for pennies on the dollar. Choose from over 100 brilliant colors and finishes like Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Wood Grain, Brushed Aluminum, and more. Get the look you want without having to sacrifice the resale value of your Oldsmobile since all Rwraps™ are semi-permanent and removable. Perfect for leased vehicles! Fulfilled within one business day and warranted not to crack, fade or peel for at least 3 years!

    Manufacturer Part Number: Rwrap-018

    Oldsmobile Rwraps™ Dash Kit Wraps Features

    • Oldsmobile dash kit wraps can be applied in minutes
    • These universal vinyl sheets are a trim-to-fit auto accessory for DIY wrapping
    • Installation instructions, application video and toll-free phone support provided
    • Get a custom custom dash kit look at a fraction of the cost buy using wrapping films on your project
    • Durable yet removable, Oldsmobile dash kit film wraps are a trim-to-fit auto accessory
    • A perfect color and finish match for Rdash dash kits
    • 3 Year durability warranty against cracking, peeling or fading

    Have a custom Oldsmobile interior does not have to cost a small fortune. Rwrap has engineered a cost-effective way to modify the interior of your vehicle, hands down the best vinyl film on the market for your buck. Adhesive vinyl sheets are designed to be applied to just about any hard non-porous surfaces such as your trim panels. They can be heat conformed and stretched to fit moderate and extreme curves with the use of an everyday hair dryer or heat gun (conformability depends on film finish, please contact us for specific applications). After applying the film, simply carefully trim away the remaining vinyl with a razor blade for a removable custom look. Available in 12" to 24" widths, custom colored, carbon fiber, wood grain and specialty vinyl films come in a variety of sizes and prices to fit just about any application. Whether you are looking to give your auto a good old face lift or the final touches before the club meet, Rwarps have you covered.

    These vinyl films are warranty backed and guaranteed to not fade, peel or crack for up to three years.  Oldsmobile dash kit wraps are durable, come in a variety of specialty finishes like engine turn and are limited only by the imagination of the installer. Manufactured to the highest specs, this film easily applies around your radio, navigation system, door controls, air vents and just about any other relatively hard surface. Professional installers dirty little secret is out, this semi-permanent modification is the most forgiving way to get a custom auto accessory without the high-end price tag or the hassles of painting.

    Rwrap adhesive-backed kits come ready to install, application tools sold separately but, are not necessary for installation. Online application instructions and general installation videos provided, please see the pop-up at the top of this page. Application tools are not included, but do make installing your kit that much easier. The squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the decal and the low friction sleeves prevents scratches. Rapid Prep removes any dirt or debris from your dash surface and Rapid Clear acts as a polishing agent after installation. Seal-It Pens and 3M Primer Pen are used to seal the edges of your custom dash trim.

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