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    Cadillac paint protection films by Rshield can be applied to any exterior painted surface of your vehicle. This protective film is available in 12, 30 and 60" widths for a wide variety of trim-to-fit applications. Professional installers and DIY restylers across the globe use this to protect their Cadillac from rock chips, sand and UV damage caused by daily driving. Recommended applications are hood, bumper, roof line, door handles and rocker panels but, can be applied to just about any painted surface. Rshield paint protection film can be removed without damaging your leased vehicle, project car or daily driver. Apply wraps to any smooth, hard and relatively non-porous surface of your vehicle's exterior backed by a three year warranty.

    Manufacturer Part Number: PPF-005

    Cadillac Rshield™ Paint Protection Film Features

    • Cadillac paint protection is made from a 4 mil, high-gloss invisible film
    • Designed to heat stretch over the contours of your vehicle's vulnerable exterior
    • Complete installation instructions and detailed how-to videos available online
    • Protect the delicate finish of your Cadillac's from harmful UV radiation
    • The ultimate custom protection product--use it on any of the hard, non-porous surfaces of your exterior
    • Warrantied not to crack, discolor or bubble for a minimum of three years

    Cadillac paint protection films are made to order for you from easier to work with 4 mil (0.17 mm) clear film that protects your vehicle's foniosh from the ravages of time and the elements. Engineered to shield the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle against dust, bug hits, oxidation and UV radiation, this Rshield PPF can be installed on any of the hard and non-porous surfaces of your vehicle's exterior and interior as well. One of the best if often over-looked features of Rshield paint protection films is that the high-gloss finish both protects and rejuvenates the appearance of your paint job and, because of its special adhesives, if you ever decide to remove it you can do so without damaging the finish of your Cadillac.

    Another great reason to buy from instead of the competition is because all Rshield paint protection films carry a full three-year guarantee against bubbling, cracking and yellowing and detailed instructions are available online in a variety of downloadable and printable formats so you can download it to your phone or print it out--the choice is yours. If you're the type who prefers to see how it's done rather than just read about it we also offer an instructional video at the link above. Installing Rshield PPF can be a relatively straightforward process but there are still instances where you may want to ask a question or get help which is why we provide customer support via email, chat and phone seven days a week in addition to our online text and video guides.

    Applying Rshield paint protection films to your Cadillac can be done by enthusiast and professional alike with success largely depending upon the use of the right tools. recommends the use of a squeegee with friction sleeve to heat stretch Rshield PPF and Rapid Prep and Rapid Tac solutions for surface preparation and installation respectively. These tools along with a razor knife and a blow dryer or heat gun (the only item which cannot be purchased on our website) will ensure that you get the best results in the shortest time possible. We also highly recommend that you purchase a Seal-It pen to seal the edges of the film and prevent dirt and debris from getting under the edges as well as Rapid Clear for aftercare.

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