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DIY Protection Films & Accessories

When it comes to our vehicles most of us will go to almost any lengths to ensure that they not only look as good now but that they stay that way. In the past, there weren't many options to protect your vehicle's appearance beyond using special waxes or unsightly bumper bras. Luckily for you, we have come a long way since the days of leatherette car bras and are excited to offer you a full line of paint protection films, protective headlight and fog light covers, uncut rolls of protection film and vehicle protection products like door guards, wheel stoppers and more. Drive into the 21st Century with Rvinyl's smart, affordable and installer friendly DIY protection films and accessories for all the areas of your car, truck or SUV and protect your ride from the ravages of the road.

Custom Headlight Protection for You

Your headlights are clearly the most visible feature of your ride which means their appearance is more in need of protection than almost anything else. But, headlights do a lot more than just look pretty — they're the most important safety feature on any car, truck or SUV and driving at night or during inclement weather would be impossible without them. Naturally, you want to make sure they're performing optimally at all times which is why our precut and custom headlight protection covers are a must-have for everyone. Whether you simply want to prevent cracks caused by road debris, rock hits or errant shopping carts in crowded parking lots or you want to shield your headlights from UV damage and bird poop, our line of vehicle specific and custom cut headlight covers delivers quality and affordability in one premium package.

Why pay up to twice as much for competing products that are too thick to conform to your headlight's curves and contours? With Rvinyl headlight protection kits you get a precut pair of covers that gives you just the right amount of protection while hugging every curve of your head lamp for a hassle-free fit that won't peel off. And, when you choose one of our vehicle specific headlight covers, you get over a dozen different finishes and colors to choose from as well. Don't get stuck with a boring, transparent headlight protection kit when you can choose popular finishes like chameleon, smoke, matte smoke, HID blue and more!

Protect Your Fog Lights and DRLs Too

It goes without saying that your fog lights and daytime running lights (DRLs) see as much of the road and need as much protection as your headlights. In fact, they probably need more protection form stray rock chips, gravel and other garbage because they're so much lower and closer to the ground. Our custom fog light protection covers are made using the same design processes as our headlight kits and give you the same quality, value and selection. Our most popular color for the fog light protection covers is the yellow film which gives your ride that coveted JDM look. But, be sure to check out our clear, orange, green and blue smoke fog light protection covers too!

Finally, Precut Paint Protection Kits for Everyone

Paint protection kits have traditionally been the exclusive of domain of shops and they'd like to keep it that way. And, because the big boys like 3M and Xpel require their installers to be certified and buy their products through authorized distributors you can easily spend a hundreds of dollars just to have your front fascia or hood wrapped with paint protection film. Because we're committed to bring you the best DIY options in modification and protection, we're proud to present you with a full line of precut paint protection kits made just fro your vehicle.

For a fraction of the cost of professional installation you can get a paint protection kit precut for your specific make, model and year. Just use our convenient, drop-down menu to select your vehicle and then choose the kit you want: pick either a hood, fender and mirror protection kit or a bumper only kit. We'll cut it and ship it to your door with detailed instructions so that you can get professional results in no time.

Paint Protection Films

If you have something else in mind or your vehicle simply isn't in our list of precut paint protection kits we also sell our film uncut by the sheet and roll. Made from the same ultra-thin protection film as our precut kits you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to work with when compared to competitors' much thicker films. Oh, and did we mention that our PPF does not yellow over time? Protect whatever it is that you love from UV rays, bug hits and scuffs with our pro-grade paint protection film today!

Parking Aides & Protection Accessories

Who hasn't swung open their door with a little too much enthusiasm and caught the garage wall? If you're like the rest of us (i.e., human) you're sure to have made just such a mistake more than once but that doesn't mean your vehicle's delicate finish has to suffer for it. At Rvinyl not only do we offer paint protection films and kits but we also carry a range of parking aides and protection accessories designed to protect your ride even when you're not driving it. Browse our full selection of garage stoppers, wall bumpers and other protection products and give your car, truck or SUV the 360° protection it deserves!