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2012 Dodge Ram Dash Kits — 4D Silver Carbon Fiber Trim

The 2009-2012 Ram 1500 — Big, Burly with an Attention to Details

Before we get to the pics and video (the real reason you're here) let's take a paragraph or two to actually dig a little deeper into what makes the Ram 1500 such an awe-inspiring truck. Anyone who's seen the Ram knows that it's designed in a way to make it seem larger than life. So much so in fact that you couldn't be blamed for thinking Paul Bunyan might just step out of the cab if it pull up in your drive way. But, don't let it's looks fool you: now that Ram has become a marque in its own right it has put even more attention to the little details; a fact which can best be seen in the interior.

Regardless of whether you pick the 1500, 2500 or 3500 versions, the front seats are well-sized and offer a commanding forward view. Best of all, there are integrated, under-floor bins to supplement the (optional) lockable Ram Box integrated into the fenders. In other words, there's a ton of storage space. In addition, the Ram's extra wide cabin makes space for three-across seating on its bench. Models with the adjustable bucket seats are divided by a huge center console.

As you can see from the photos, the construction and layout of the dashboard is leaps and bounds ahead of the older Rams (we've included a photo of the 2006-2008 Dodge Ram with Hunter's Blind Camo dash kit shown below to give you a better idea of the difference.

2006-2008 Dodge Ram Dash Kits —Hunter's Blind Camouflage Dash Kit

Rdash® Precision — Fit Like a Glove

One thing that we hope you'll get from today's post is that these kits are precision designed. Made by designers with decades of experience, Rdash® Ram dash kits are made to the same exacting standards as hard, polyurethane domed kits like those sold by Remin, Benevento and B&I but from a thin-self-adhesive vinyl film. What this means for you is a much lower price and a more forgiving dash kit.

Let's say you misapply the kit. With an Rdash® trim kit in your Ram truck you can always use a razor to trim the pieces to fit. Alternatively, if you decide to sell your truck or that you just don't like the look you can remove your Rdash® trim kit at anytime. Don't try that with a kit that uses VHB tape (all of the ploy kits we mentioned above).

 2012 Dodge Ram Dash Kits — 4D Silver Carbon Fiber Trim

2012 Dodge Ram Dash Kits — 4D Silver Carbon Fiber Trim

Over a 100 Colors & Finishes

Today's post showcases our 4D Silver Carbon Fiber and, to a lesser degree, the Hunter's Blind Camouflage film but did you know we offer more than a hundred other colors and finishes? Whether you want Matte Red, diamond plate or a great wood grain dash kit we've get all that and more. We thought it might help to give you a run down of our top five dash kit finishes and colors so here we go:

  1. 3D Black Carbon Fiber — Without question this is our most popular trim finish. It goes well with everything and we often have to do a double take when we get rebate photos to make sure we're not seeing a factory dash.
  2. Honey Burlwood — Our next most popular is the Honey Burlwood. It has a matte finish but is perfect for trucks and higher-end sedans.
  3. Brushed Aluminum  — This finish is most popular in its Silver and Gray varieties and we see it most often in Honda Civics and Accords.
  4. Gloss Silver  — This is a classic finish that has a slight metallic flake and blends in well with stock trim.    
  5. Gloss Red — Really stands out on your dash and complements most red car seats and steering wheel covers.

Other favorites are Sticker Bomb, Chrome, Gloss Blue and our colored 3D and 4D Carbon Fibers. Browse our site and we're sure you'll find something to your liking.

2012 Dodge Ram Dash Kits — 4D Silver Carbon Fiber Trim

2012 Dodge Ram Dash Kits — 4D Silver Carbon Fiber Trim

The Right Tools & Know-How

When you receive a dash kit with more than 30 pieces it's only natural to feel a little intimidated. But, at Rvinyl, we've been doing this for a while so we ship ever Ram dash kit with a single-page, installation guide that's covers everything you need to know. No one would read 15 pages of installation instructions so we don't even bother with that. In the space of a single sheet we walk you through cleaning and preparation of your dashboard, installation of your trim kit and aftercare. Plus, if you want to see how it's done we've got a growing library of video tutorials for you to check out.

In terms of what you need to install your dash trim kit, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you don't need much. In short, you need 3 things:

  1. Cleaning solution — We recommend Rapid Prep to clean and prepare your dashboard and panels. 
  2. Heat — Turn on your heater for awhile to get the temps up and use a hair dryer or heat gun while installing to promote adhesion
  3. Squeegee

That's it. You don't need anything else!

2012 Dodge Ram Dash Kits — 4D Silver Carbon Fiber Trim

2012 Dodge Ram Dash Kits — 4D Silver Carbon Fiber Trim

Thanks Again!

Thanks for reading everyone and don't forget to comment and share the video and pics.

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