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    Rcraft™ Wood Grain Furniture Wrap Films help you to quickly reface, refinish and Ikea furniture in no time at all. Upgrade your MALM with Burlwood, add the distinguished look of Mahogany to your KALLAX or FLYSTA or simply reface your ALEX white desk with our conservative Cherry or Oak wood grain vinyl. Buy by the sheet and get only what you need so you can save money on your DIY makeovers. Plus, when you finish your furniture refacing and you send in 6 or more high-quality pics you can pick up our Cash Back Rebate and save even more!

    Manufacturer Part Number: Rcraft-WOD

    Rcraft™ Wood Grain Cabinet Refacing Film

    Rcraft™ Wood Grain Vinyl Cabinet Films let you add the warmth and elegance of deeply textured wood grains to all of your cabinetry. Whether you want to upgrade your dining room cabinets to elegant and refined Honey Burl wood or you'd like to add the deeply grained texture of our Mahogany Wood Grain to your kitchen cabinets, you can find it here.

    Rcraft™  Cabinetry Films

    Produced and sold by an all-American company, every Rcraft™ wood vinyl laminate you buy ships directly from our warehouse in Brooklyn NY. Made from embossed and printed vinyl films, all of these wood vinyl wraps have an actual grain that you can feel (except for our Burlwood films). Made specifically to refinish and reface cabinetry, these wood grain laminates are sized at 24 inches in width and sold by the foot in length of up to ten yards.

    Rcraft™ Wood Vinyl Specs

    • Real, textured finish for vertical wood grains (gloss or matte finish for Burlwood)
    • Thermo-formable for application with heat on curves
    • 3 mil thick and self-adhesive PSA film
    • Warranty backed and UV rated
    • Available in 12-inch and 24-inch widths, sold by the foot

    Recommended Sizes for Cabinet Wraps

    The chart below should help you to determine the size you need to wrap your cabinets. Most kitchen cabinets can be wrapped using as little as 24" by 36" per door. The graphic below should help you get an idea although you will always need to measure before purchasing.

    How Much Vinyl DO You Need?

    Which Wood Grain Film Will You Choose?

    Our most popular wood grain film is our Honey Burlwood which features a dark amber field with complicated Burlwood swirl patterns. Use it to restore your dashboard or conceal scuffed door controls and panels. Looking for a higher-gloss Burlwood? Rcraft™ Dark Burlwood film is a deep burgundy film that is perfect for any interior or architectural application. If you like the look of the Dark Burlwood but want a European, satin wood grain finish we think you might want to try our Matte Burlwood film.

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