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    Red Smoke Tint Film is a 17% VLT shade. This Red tint film can be applied to cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, golf carts, scooters and mopeds. Rtint is designed to smoke your vehicle's light housing, while not significantly changing the output color. Get a custom light at a fraction of the cost or replacing OEM lights or using a smoked tint spray. Get a Red look on just about any headlight, tail light, fog light, turn signal, reverse light, third brake light or stop signal.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rtint-s-012

    Rtint® Red Smoke Tint Film Features

    • Red Smoke Tint: 17% Light Transmission
    • Features semi-permanent, pressure sensitive adhesives
    • Thermo-formable to wrap around the curves and contours of your lights with heat
    • Doesn't significantly change the color of light transmitted
    • UV stable with a 3-year Warranty
    • Film features a protective, upper liner

    Rtint® Red Smoke Vinyl Wraps

    Rtint® Red Smoke are a fast and simple way to change the look of your lights without resorting to permanent sprays. Restyle your fog lights, headlights, tail lights and just about any thing else and give your ride that custom look with our Rtint® Red light tint wraps. Made just for do-it-yourself installers, Rtint® Red Smoke film will not only save you the hassle and expense of having a pro shop spray your lights but you can also remove it if need be. And, best of all, when you send us five or more photos of your Rtint® installed, we'll give you up to a $20 Cash Back refund!

    Worried about quality? Don't be! Red Smoke tinting films carry a three year warranty and will stand the test of time and the ravages of the elements. They are self-adhesive and semi-permanent which means you can remove them at anytime without damaging your expensive stock or aftermarket lights. Designed to be applied with the wet application method just use a little heat from a hair dryer, squeegee out the air and trim to fit with a razor blade.

    Rtint® Red Smoke Vinyl Wraps Installation

    Probably the best way to learn how to install our Red Smoke tints is by watching one of our installation tutorials. In addition to providing video help we've also spent the time to write detailed installation guides that you can print or download from our site. And, in case you were wondering, we also include them with your Rtint® Red Smoke wrap as well.

    Recommended Application Tools

    With the right tools, anyone can install Rtint® Red Smoke vinyl wrapping films. Although we think you're better off buying all of the tools we offer you should at least pick up the ones we've highlighted below:

    • A squeegee to remove air pockets and installation fluid
    • Rapid Prep to clean waxes and dirt
    • Rapid Tac to reposition the film and promote adhesion
    • Seal-It Pens to completely seal and finish the tints


    Is Rtint® Red Tint Legal?

    Rtint® Red are one of the few tint films we offer that do significantly reduce light out put. As a result  they may not be legal for use on primary lighting on public streets. Please check with your local police department and state laws before application. Please note that Rtint® Red Smoke tinting films are intended for show-use only and not meant for use on public roads.

    Suggested Rtint® Red Smoke Applications

    Red out tint film is not optically clear and blocks 83% of visible light. Consequently, we would caution anyone to avoid installing it on windows and mirrors. Some popular uses for Rtint® Red Out Smoke film are:

    • To completely red out your vehicle's tail lights
    • To give motorcycle and ATVs a mean, aggressive look
    • For show car and derby car headlights

    What Does 17% VLT Mean?

    Rtint® Red Smoke film, has been one of our more popular films, especially  with Lexus IS 250 & 350 customers looking to red out their taillights. Rtint® Red Smoke film reduces light output by 83% while still allowing 17% of light to exit the lenses. In other words, Rtint® Red film will have a marked impact upon the light produced by whatever it is applied to.

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