A Guide to Reflective Vinyl

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Reflective Vinyl Films

Most so-called reflective films on the market are actually more aptly termed retro-reflective. Although this can get kind of technical, all you really need to know is that these films (as opposed to prismatic films) use glass beads embedded in their face to reflect back the light shone on them. They aren't glow-in-the-dark and they're not actually producing light but they still look crazy cool!

Choosing a Brand of Reflective Film

Although there are actually two kinds of film in the reflective genre we'll focus exclusively on those that use retro-reflectivity since prismatic films are generally not used in DIY or smaller volume decal and sign production. This is largely due to cost and the difficulty of cutting prismatic film. It is already difficult enough to cut retroreflective vinyl on a Cricut, Silhouette or ScanNCut which is why we recommend using a 60° blade at the highest force setting possible. Regardless, you should know that the big 3 brands of adhesive films each make a version or two of reflecting vinyl that you can use in all of your sign, wrap and craft applications.

Your Results Reflect on Us

However you needed up using this film, be sure to take at least six high-quality pictures of your work in action. Since it's reflective film, we recommend doing both before and after as well as angled shots that show the way the reflectivity varies along with the light source to which it's exposed.

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