There comes a time in every professional and DIY installer where they make a mistake installing tint. When you purchase Rtint® precut headlight, tail light or even fog light tint we offer discounted replacements for your car, truck or SUV. Tinting your vehicle's lights has never been easier or more cost effective. Don't let a learning curve get in the way of customizing your auto.

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    Replacement Tint Features

    Replacement Light Tint Features

    • For existing orders only - original order or item number required for purchase
    • Replacement tints are specifically cut to fit your vehicle
    • Offered as a convenience to replace either the driver or passenger side tint
    • Replace headlight, taillight or fog light tint damaged during installation
    • Choose your film type: tint only or protection
    • Add tools and fluids to ensure you get the job done right the second time around!

    If you've never installed Rtint® precut headlight tints, tail light covers or fog light tint kits before there can sometimes be a learning curve - and this is especially true when you're trying to tint a light with multiple curves and angles. And, even though we do our very best to make our precut light covers simple and straightforward to install we understand that nobody's perfect and that mistakes do happen. That's why we're happy to be the only company we know of to offer discounted replacements for all of our Rtint® light tint products.

    If you've damaged or destroyed the driver or passenger side tint of your light tint you can easily order discounted replacements. All you need is your original order or item number. Once you type it in the box you select your tint type: fog light, headlight or taillight. Then, add as many or as few tools and application fluids as you want - we bet you're going to want to make the job easier this time but the choice is yours. Finally, choose the film type: tint or protection. Once you've made your selections add your replacement tint purchase to the cart and checkout. Nothing could be easier and you simply won't find this service anywhere else.


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