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    PPF or paint protection kits are the mother of all precut film products to install. They are large, tricky little devils and if you dared to try to install one yourself you know if can be a daunting task. Luckily, Rshield™ offers deeply discounted replacement pieces if you had trouble when you purchased from an authorized outlet such as

    Manufacturer Part Number: 0000-0003

    Replacement Rshield® Paint Protection Features

    • For existing orders only - original order or item number required for purchase
    • Replacement Rshield® paint protection pieces are specifically cut to fit your vehicle
    • Offered as a convenience to replace one section of your paint protection kit
    • Replace the hood, fender, mirrors or bumper paint protection section damaged during installation
    • Add tools and fluids to ensure you get the job done right the second time around!

    When installing precut paint protection kits there can be a pretty big learning curve and it's not uncommon for our customers to mess up the first section they attempt. Rather than having to buy a completely new kit though, we are happy to be the only company we know of to offer you the possibility of purchasing a discounted replacement section of one of our PPF kits.

    If you've damaged or destroyed a piece of your Rshield® paint protection kit you can quickly order discounted replacements - the only thing you need is your original order or item number. After having typed in your order number, simply select your application area type: bumper, fender, hood or mirror. Then, add as many or as few tools and application fluids as you want - we pretty certain you're going to want to do everything you can to make the job easier this time but the choice is yours.

    Once you've made your selections, add them to the cart and checkout. We'll process and ship your replacements within one business day and you can get back on track in no time. You just won't find this kind of service anywhere and it's just one more reason to make us your one stop shop for DIY automotive tint and protection accessories.


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