Rocker Paint Protection Kit

The rocker is an integral part of your vehicle’s body structure. It is located below the doors and is essential as it connects the front and the back of the vehicle. Often times, the rocker gets overlooked or forgotten completely. Car washes tend to ignore it and that means it will be dirty and erode over time. Change that by installing some rocker paint protection kit.

How Your Rocker Erodes Over Time

A big reason why rockers tend to erode is that they are often neglected. They are located under the doors which is a spot that many people do not look at. Car washes may completely ignore them unintentionally. That means that the moisture, much, and corrosive road salts that add up over time slowly erode the rocker.

Change that by installing some paint protection film for your rocker. A simple step will make a splash on the appearance of your vehicle and increase the lifeline just like that. We often forget what we cannot see and the rocker falls under that category. Having the rest of your vehicle looking great but the rocker looking like it went through a war is unacceptable. That will be what people remember most about you. Take the simple step and protect your rocker and make your whole vehicle look good.

Why It Is Better Than Paint

Some people might wonder why they don’t just paint their rocker. That is a viable possibility but is an expensive solution. The paint will get damaged and the process will repeat, causing you to pay thousands of dollars over time. Or you can save that money by installing paint protection film that you will only need to buy once and comes at an affordable price.

Buying rocker paint protection film is a one-time investment that will pay for itself with its self-healing technology. Paint protection film lasts much longer than paint. Even if you forget about the rockers on your car, the films will have you covered, literally. Some brands last up to ten years and even the ones with a shorter lifespan last much longer than paint. Unlike films, paint can be damaged because there is always going to be gravel, salt, and unpredictable weather. Choose the smarter and safer option with paint protection film for your rockers.


The one thing you can expect from rocker paint protection kit is that it will last for years. Some films last up to a decade with the proper care. That is a long time and if you decide you want to sell your vehicle, you can easily remove the film and sell your vehicle with no scratches on your rocker. Self-healing technology means that small scratches will disappear by themselves over time. Paint can’t do that and the only way to make the scratches go away is to get another paint job, costing you hundreds every time.

Some care will be required to make the film last for a long time. It is recommended that you remove the film every four years and reapply it for the best results. With its self-healing technology, it will be self-sufficient and you don’t need to tend to it.

Installing Rocker Paint Protection Film

Installing paint protection film for your vehicle’s rockers is a fast and easy process. It comes with adhesive backing so it will go right on with no glue or liquids required. The uncut film will need to be prepared before being applied. Measure the rocker and add a few extra inches. Multiply that by 2 because your vehicle has two rockers and that is how much film you will need.

Some of the items you will need for the installation are:

  • Clay bar
  • Utility knife
  • Squeegee
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfiber or lint-free cloth
  • Heat gun
  • Slip solution

  • Prepare Your Protection Film

    In order to install your rocker paint protection film, you need to meet the right conditions. The temperature range of the room needs to be between 48 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is a humid day, do not install as it may ruin the installation process. Make sure the lighting is good when you start your installation. Also, wash your vehicle 24 hours before you start. You don’t want to have any dirt or gravel stuck on your vehicle when you wrap it. When you are about to start your installation, clean the vehicle again.

    Thoroughly cleaning and prepping your vehicle before applying the paint protection film will keep it looking brand new. It may seem like a lot of work but when a couple of years pass, you will be happy that you did just that. Your vehicle will look brand new and nobody will believe you when you tell them your vehicle didn’t just come from the dealership.

    Paint Protection Film Works Wonders

    Rocker paint protection film is going to keep your vehicle looking new at a cost that is more than affordable. Most PPF have self-healing technology that gets rid of scratches. That doesn’t mean your car is immune to any scratches. Drive carefully as always. Paint protection film will prevent scratches unlike a paint job which cannot self-heal and you will need to get another paint job to make the scratches go away.

    There are numerous things on the road that will damage your vehicle if given the chance. Driving without paint protection film means that your rocker will end up with scratches and dirt. If you want to sell your vehicle down the line, you can do just that because your vehicle will look brand new. The protection film is easy to remove and won’t damage your film when you remove it. A one-time purchase that will keep your car looking amazing for years to come!