Blacked Out Taillight Tint on the 2008 Honda Accord

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Honda Accord Blackout Taillight Covers

Steven wanted to black out the taillights of his 2008 Honda Accord Sedan but didn't want to compromise his safety or the safety of other drivers by blacking out the reverse lights. Luckily, he found us and picked up a pair of precut taillight covers that he customized with a quick slit of an exacto blade. 

Murdered Out Tail Lights

As you can see, the blackout Rtint film is really dark so it makes sense to customize the kit to allow the back-up lights to shine as brightly as possible. Unlike other, thicker films by companies like Lamin-X or XPel which can be a real hassle to work with due to their thickness, Rtint taillight film is designed to give the tint you need with the thinnest possible film. What does this mean for? Simply that application requires less heat, less stretching and if you need to cut or trim the covers you won't need a diamond edged scalpel. 

2008 Honda Accord Blackout Taillight Covers

Sprayed Not Laid

In this case Steven decided to black out his taillights with a pair of precut tints but he could just have easily decided to spray them with VHT or PlastiDip. We offer both but my clear preference is for the Rtint taillight films because they are more durable than PlastiDip and won't ruin your lights if you apply them incorrectly unlike VHT. In addition, the Rtint can actually protect your tail lamps from dust and debris. For $29.99 you really can't get a better deal!

Honda Rtint Taillight Tint

Honda Accord Rtint Taillight Covers

Thank You Steven!

As always, we want to thank the customer who submitted the great rebate photos which made today's post a possibility so thank you Steven! Rtint taillight covers are made to be DIY installer friendly are meant to be installed without needing any special tools or professional assistance. So, pickup a pair of precut taillight tint covers today for only $29.99 and, once you get them on send us some pics for your $20 refund. 

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