Makeover the Interior of a 2003 BMW 330C for Under $50

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A 2003 BMW 330CI Makeover

There's no question that BMW makes great vehicles but, like everything else, your late model luxury car will eventually become a classic. Part of the secret of keeping your ride looking as good (or better) than the day you drove it off the lot is to use an aftermarket product that will blend seamlessly with its OEM elements. And, if you don't believe me just take a look at the "before" photo below:

2003 BMW 330CI Makeover - Before Pics

As the title of today's post boasts, one great and affordable way to rehab your decade's old ride is with an Rdash custom dash kit which comes pre-cut to fit your year, make, model and (in the case of luxury marques like BMW) your specific sub-model. Today's rebate submission pics show just how easy it is to update the look of any vehicle and hide years of abuse and damage. Again, I refer to the photos to demonstrate what I mean:

2003 BMW 330CI Makeover - After Pics

Matte Black - A Factory Match 

Unfortunately for you guys, John really wanted to stay with the factory look which means he chose our  Matte Black which looks identical to the preexisting finish once installed. Still we've provided the before and after pics so you can get an idea of the difference, especially in those place where there was no trim previously like on the cup holder.

2003 BMW 330CI Makeover - Before Pics

2003 BMW 330CI Rvinyl Dash KitWhat Can You Expect from an Rdash Custom Dash Kit?

Aside from a great fit, Rdash custom dash kits come with the most pieces of any dash kits on the market. In addition, to the sheer size of  Rdash interior trim kits you also get an incredible selection of colors and finishes to match any aesthetic or vision you might have. Want to make your interior look like the interior of a steam-punk luxury wagon? We've got you covered with our premium engine turn. Want the look of carbon fiber? You're covered there too with over a half dozen colors to choose from.

Matte Black BMW 330CI Dash Kit

A Picture's Worth a 1000 Words

I could write endlessly about the benefits and features of Rdash dash trim kits but a picture really is worth a thousand words. As you can see below, the 2003 BMW 330CI kit is a beast and comes with all of the possible options to make buying and application a no-brainer. Where else can you get this much choice and value for $39.99? And, if you decide to send in photos of the installed product like John, that means you only spend $19.99 to get a great kit like this.

BMW 330CI Dash Kit Diagram

Thank You John!

So, thank you John for the great photos. We hope the Rdash custom dash kit helped you to bring your 330CI back to its former glory!

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