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A First for Swamp Camo Vinyl Wraps

Today's post represents a first in some ways for the Rwraps camouflage film series because, although we have received photos of the film installed on various vehicles and even rifle stocks, we had never yet gotten customer installation examples of the film on a boat. All of that changed though when our customer Joe sent us in these awesome pics of the vinyl installed on his 2003 Godfrey 180FC Pontoon Boat.

Side View of the 2003 Godfrey 180FC Pontoon Boat

How Much Vinyl Do You Need to Wrap a Boat?

Good question and in this case we've got an answer. Joe used 12 rolls of the 12-inch by 72-inch sized swamp camo film to get his job done and, if you ask me, it looks like he might just be a professional. Sure, the air-channels and thermo-formabiliity of the vinyl wraps make them easy to use but doing a good job still takes some time and patience (two things that I am always short of myself). 

The great thing about all of the Rwrap camo series films we offer is there variety: not only can you choose from more than half a dozen great patterns but you can have the rolls pre-slit to meet your needs. So, if you want to wrap your pick-up's hood you want to go with a 60" width by 96" length roll of camouflage film but if you want to do the dashboard of the same truck you would probably only need to use a 24" wide roll to wrap it. 

Side View of the 2003 Godfrey 180FC Pontoon Boat

Customer Rebate Submissions: The Best Reviews We Could Ask For

Customers like Joe and the hundreds of others who have sent in their photos and videos of our products installed on their cars, trucks, SUVs and (now) pontoon boats are what have made us who we are and kept us in business for over a decade. You can tell someone how great your product is or how cool it will look but nobody believes you when you're the one selling it.  But, when a customer sends in pics of your product proudly installed there's not much anyone can say. So, what did Joe think of the experience? Let's let him speak for himself:

Here are some picture of my Pontoon boat that I wrapped with your camo vinyl. Overall I was very happy with your product. Application was easy. The only thing I wish that was different was the direction of the camo pattern. It still came out great and made my boat look one of a kind. Thanks, Joe

Side View of the 2003 Godfrey 180FC Pontoon Boat

Side View of the 2003 Godfrey 180FC Pontoon Boat

Side View of the 2003 Godfrey 180FC Pontoon Boat

Side View of the 2003 Godfrey 180FC Pontoon Boat

Thank You Joe!

So, thank you Joe for the great photos. We hope you enjoyed using our product as much as we have enjoyed seeing the results. And, for anyone else out there who is interested, always remember that all Rwrap series films carry the photo rebate promotion which means you can get up to a $20 refund in exchange for your installed examples. In the meantime though, check out the compilation video we put together of Joe's work and have a great day!

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