Wrapped Chrome Green GT-R

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There are few things in life (at least in the life of an enthusiast) as nice as a late model GT-R. And what could be better than a 2015 GT-R wrapped  in shiny, green chrome? There are a few different shades of green chrome making the rounds but to me this emerald green hue is my absolute favorite, hands down.

Even if you don’t have a GT-R you can still get this look with our easy to apply, Rwrap green chrome. It is a DIY friendly film specifically designed to ease installation with its air release technology. So, if you’re interested check it our here (https://www.rvinyl.com/Chrome-Vinyl-Film-Wraps.htm/!/Green-Chrome-Vinyl-Film-Wraps.html) and mention this blog post on chat or the phone (if anyone still calls in orders anymore) for a sweet discount on your order.

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