Black Marble Vinyl Film Wraps
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Rwraps™ Marble Print Wrap Films

Rwraps™ Marble Print Films let you add the look of distinction and luxury to almost anything you can think of and give you the opportunity to both surprise and delight onlookers. Want to make over the dash board of your ride with a black marble look? Want to wrap your boat or golf cart in the look of Calcutta marbles? Well, these Rwraps™ Digitally printed Marble films give you a way to do that doesn't require any quarrying or heavy lifting. So, whether you find yourself in the Acropolis, the Roman Forum or on the streets of Jamaica Queens, upgrade your life with these realistic marble wrap films.

Wrapped in Stone

Our Marble Series Film lets you restyle your golf cart, truck, UTV, skateboard and almost anything you can think of in no time at all. Designed especially for you, the do-it-yourself installer, you can use this UV stable film both inside and outside as well. Check out some of the popular ways that our customers have decided to use these Marble print wrapping films:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • ATVs
  • Jet Skis
  • Boats
  • Golf Carts
  • Guitars
  • Refrigerators
  • Furniture
  • and more...

Get an Avalanche of Performance

Rwraps™ Marble print wrap film comes to you ready to wrap so you can get your job done quicker than a rock slide in the Italian Alps. Despite its ultra-realistic stone appearance, all of our Rwraps Marble printed films can be installed quickly and without bubbles to due their AirTec adhesives. Whether vulnerable to extinction due to loss of habitat but, since we print your wraps on demand and ship directly to you, you never have to worry that our Marble wraps will go extinct.

Whichever style Marble vinyl you choose we have the right size for you. Our twelve inch wide rolls are perfect to wrap the rocker panels your Jeep or Discover while our twenty-four inch long wraps which are perfect for wrapping your dash. And, when you're looking for a complete vehicle wrap or have an architectural application like a booth, the fifty-nine inch wide size is exactly what you need. But, don't think you only have three options when perusing our Marble-style vinyl wraps. We sell this film by the foot in lengths of up to 25 yards so you never need to buy more than you want.

Styles of Marble Wrap Films

We offer dozens of types of popular marble finishes and are always on the lookout for more. Browse our complete selection and you'll find common types of marble within our catalog to get just the look you want for your architectural applications as well as in your vehicles, watercraft and more.

  • Calacatta Marbles: Calacatta is a natural stone from Italy. It is a calcitic white marble. It has a very peculiar chromatism, in which broken white and very fine light grey veins are punctually dotted with tiny amber and golden notes.
  • Arabescato Marble: Arabescato is a white calcitic marble. Its particular breccia morphology offers a beautiful game of contrasts between the white background and the grey and brown veins.
  • Macael Marble: Macael White is a famous Spanish white marble. It is extracted in the region of Macael of Almeria, Spain which is also the origin of its name.
  • Travertine Marbles: Travertines have natural colors such as sand, earth, beige and soft ochre.
  • Fior di Bosco: Meaning "flower of the woods" Fior di Bosco is a grey marble with a non-porous surface. Its sober background mixes leaden and smoky tones. It contains a burst of fine arborescent veins alternating white and amber colors.
  • Marquina Black: Its intense black color of its base contrasts with the alternation of radiant fossil white veins. Calcite is the main mineral of this rock, present in 98%.
  • Portoro marbles: Portoro is a high-end black crystalline marble. The intense jet color of its base contains a large number of dynamic golden veins and white effervescences that seem to be in motion.
  • Picasso Marble: It has a pearly background intertwined with a large number of grey veins but also mole and amber, of different thicknesses, which again intertwine with each other.
  • Saint Laurent: A coppery black marble from France. Its dark crystalline background contains delicate brown, gold, and white veins touched by occasional notes of coral color.

Digitally Printed Wraps: Laminate or Not

All of our Rwraps™ Marble Print 914 Series films come with a gloss laminate as the default choice. We highly recommend that you choose to have your Marble Print wrap laminated but, since we're all about customization, you get the final say. Take your pick of Gloss or Matte laminates or even decide to go without. Whichever you choose, we know you're going to like the look of these high-quality, digital animal prints.

Please note that lamination increases the life of your wrap (this applies equally to gloss or matte laminates) and should always be selected for outdoor applications. Unlaminated wraps are only recommended for low traffic, indoor use.

Rwraps™ Marble Series: Made for Makers

The popularity of our digitally printed film doesn't appear to be waning; in fact, people are constantly coming up with new and unusual applications for them. These wraps were originally designed with vehicles in mind but you can use them on any hard, non-porous surface you can imagine. No need for messy primers or additional fluids, simply clean the surface of whatever you want to wrap and apply. Use a razor to cut away any excess film and you're done.