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    In 2005 Toyota developed a youth-oriented Scion brand with two unique vehicles revamped from Japan, the xA and xB, 2005 with the Scion tC 2005-2010. While other budget cars are based on undersized Echo platform, the tC drew upon more robust parts-share partners, with a framework adapted from the European Avensis and the powertrain from the Camry. We offer a semi-permanent Rdash™ dash kit in a variety of design color choices that'll add style to your car's interior. Your dash kit will be protected with our 3 year warranty, and if you submit your photos, you'll be eligible for our Instant Rebate Refund.

    Fitment Years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
    Manufacturer Part Number: DK-SCI-TC-05

    Rdash™ Scion tC 2005-2010 Dash Kits Features

    • This Scion dash trim kit contains over 50 unique pieces
    • Not a factory replacement — installs over dash as an accent kit
    • Ships to you with detailed, printed installation instructions
    • Choose from over 100 great colors and finishes
    • Ultra-thin dash trim installs like a decal
    • Standard, 3-Year Warranty on every purchase

    Rdash® Scion tC Dash Trim

    Rdash® dash kits are interior trim accessories designed specifically for your Scion tC by a company who pioneered the design and manufacture of vinyl dash trim as an alternative to thick, domed kits which are both more expensive and often look like after-thoughts. Because these kits are so thin (from 3 to 5 mil thick), they blend seamlessly with your dash giving it a dipped or painted look and giving your interior the look of an OEM upgrade. Why bother with the mess and hassle of painting your dash or installing a permanent dash kit that you can't remove when you can install a semi-permanent Rdash® kit that you can remove without causing damage?

    Get More with Rdash®

     When you order this custom cut Scion trim kit you get all 50 pieces shown in the diagram in the color or finish of your choice but bear in mind that not all pieces will fit all options. In other words, if you have a stick shift tC, the auto transmission accents (pieces 29 through 33) will be extras.

    We cut every kit to order from high-quality vinyl laminate which is rolled and sealed in an air-tight poly bag then shipped to you in a virtually indestructible box. When you receive it simply slit open the box, cut the end of the poly bag and unroll the kit. The self-adhesive trim pieces can then be removed from the paper liner and applied to your cleaned and prepared dashboard and panels.

    Not only do you get more pieces than any other 2005 - 2010 Scion tC dash kit on the market with an Rdash® kit but you get more choices of colors and finishes too. Choose from over 100 different styles like carbon fiber, leather, brushed aluminum, wood grain, sticker bomb and more. Browse our gallery of customer installation photos above and see just how good the 4D Black Carbon Fiber, Gloss Red, Gloss Blue and Brushed Aluminum looks installed or scroll down to check out our latest customer reviews and images.

    Install & Protect Your Dash Kit

    Installation of your Scion tC dash kit is a breeze when you follow our instructional guide and purchase our recommend tools with your kit. Simply clean and prepare your dashboard and interior panels with Rapid Prep solution. Once dry be sure that your interior is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit before attempting to install. Remove each piece of the kit from the liner separately and apply to the corresponding dash or panel, using a Squeegee to press down the piece and remove any air bubbles. We recommend using heat from a blow dryer or heat gun but it isn't necessary. Simply repeat the process with each piece until you're done. If you're still not sure or want more tips you can refer to the single page instructions provided or check out the installation video tutorial at the link above. And, of course, if worst comes to worst you can always contact us for help.

    Every Rdash® trim kit is backed by a 3-year warranty against fading, peeling and cracking but you can also upgrade to a Lifetime Warranty as well. And, if you mess up during installation we offer discounted replacements. Choose up to six pieces by their number in the diagram and get them replaced and shipped to your door for a great, low price.

    Share Your Scion tC Dash Kit Pics

    If you've taken the time to browse the installed photo gallery, read the product reviews and watch the videos you'll notice that we get a lot of customer photo submissions and it's no accident. For over a decade we've been offering our $20 Cash Back photo rebate program and we're happy to extend the same offer to you today. All you have to do is buy an Rdash® tC dash kit today in the color of your choice, install it and then send us 5 or 6 high-quality photos along with a short review of the product. We'll then issue your refund and post your pics to our blog and site. So, don't wait, take advantage of the savings today!

    Product Requirement and Fitment Notes:

    • Scion tC 2005-2010

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