DIY Eagle Tail Light Tints

Eagle tail light covers are made for quick and easy installation. Whether you want to update the look of your Talon, Premier, Summit or Vision there's no better way to do it than by smoking out your tail lamps.  Add a custom look and take years of the appearance of your Eagle with our specially formulated tint film in a variety of shades and colors.

Why are Rtint® taillight tint kits perfect for the DIY Eagle enthusiast? Because all of our kits are designed to fit your Eagle's year, model and sub model installation is hassle-free and simple. When you open the protective tube and unroll the tint you will find all of the tint sections you ordered ready for easy installation. Our detailed instructions come with each kit and walk you through cleaning and preparing your lights as well as providing step by step installation instructions.

Great Prices

What's better than tail light tint that's easy to apply? Tail Light tint for your Eagle that costs as much as 75% less than what you can get at a local shop! Best of all, we offer a selection of colors and tint shades that's second to none. Choose from popular shades like blackout, smoke, matte smoked, HID blue, yellow, chameleon and half a dozen more.

Why Choose Rtint®?

It seems like every where you look someone is making a video of Plasti-dipping their lights of recommending that you use Nite-Shades to black them out. And, even though we carry both Plasti-dip and VHT we recommend them only in extreme cases where vinyl films can't do the job. In general, there are two, very good reasons why Rtint® precut tail lamp covers make more sense than sprays and they are as follows:

  1. VHT and paints can permanently damage your lights and cannot be removed.
  2. Plasti-dip can be easily scratched off and is not a durable option.

In comparison, vinyl tail light overlays give you these great benefits:

  1. Warranties — Every kit we sell is covered by a 3-Year Warranty against peeling, cracking and fading.
  2. Durable —  Rtint® can stand up to scuffing and scrapes without peeling off unlike dip.
  3. Removable— You can take off your overlays at any time without damaging the lenses.


Get Up to $20 Cash Back

We've been running our $20 Cash Back photo rebate promotion for over a decade and the results are so good we don't think we'll ever stop. If you've smoked out your taillights with one of our kits why not get paid to show it off? Just take 6 or more great photos of the tint applied to your Eagle and upload or send them in to us. We'll review them, issue your refund then post them to our site, blogs and YouTube. You get the fame and the money all while smoking out your Eagle. What could be better?




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