Precut Fiat Tail Light Tint Kits

Fiat custom tail light tint kits are the ideal way to add a touch of personalization to your 500 without spending hundreds of dollars. Whether you want to blackout your Abarth's tail lamps or red out your 500e turn signals, Rtint® has the right precut kit for you. With our specially formulated smoked vinyl film you can take your pick of the most popular shades and colors as well as a precision cut which makes installing your overlays quick and painless.

Rtint® tail light covers are the ideal solution for the DIY Fiat enthusiast who wants to save money and express our personal style. Because Rtint® precut tail light tint is designed specifically for your Fiat, you don't need to spend hours trying to cut uncut rolls of smoked vinyl by hand. With our Fiat tail light tints, there are no jagged, hand-cut lines because every kit is computer cut for precision and accuracy. Made to order, our tail light tint kits come to your door ready for installation. Simply read and follow the quick and easy to understand preparation and installation instructions and start tinting. In less than an hour you'll be enjoying the protection and style of freshly tinted Fiat headlights!

Probably the only thing better than how easy it is to install our Fiat tail light tint is the price. Why pay a local shop up to 3 times the price when you can do it yourself and save? But, saving on price doesn't mean you're sacrificing quality or selection. Choose from great shades like matte smoked, smoke, midnight static-cling, HID blue, yellow, chameleon and more!

Ease of installation is what our Fiat precut tail light tints are all about which is why we also offer a full range of installation tools. To make ordering as painless as possible we've bundled our professional application tools with the tail light tint kit as an option but you can also buy them separately if you want. Pick up a squeegee, Rapid Prep and Rapid Tac to make your installation fresh and clean.

Why Choose Rtint® Overlays?

VHT and Plasti-dip are popular choices these days but, even though we sell them, we really don't recommend them except in the most extreme circumstances. In short, there are two main reasons why Rtint® tail light covers make more sense than spray on tint and dips:

  1. Sprays like VHT can permanently damage your lights because they can't be removed from plastic lenses.
  2. Dips are not permanent but they can be easily scratched or scraped off.


Instant Cash Back Rebates

We realized long ago that the best way to convince people of the quality of our tail light tints was to have our customers do it for us. That's why we have been offering our ridiculously successful cash back rebate program for over ten years now. How does it work? Simply install your Fiat tail light tint kit and then take at least 5 good quality photos from different angles. Within a few days you'll get an email back letting you know that we've issued up to a $20 refund.




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