Ford Expedition EL 2007-2012 Tail Light Tint

Rtint™ Ford Expedition 2007-2012 Tail Light Tint (EL)

Ford Expedition EL 2007-2012 tail light tint is a precut film kit designed to smoke your OEM lights. Specifically designed for coupe, convertible and Turbo S models. This film cover kit will transform your factory lights by giving them a stealthy modified look at a fraction of the price of having your lights tinted. From a subtle smoke to extreme blackouts, Rtint™ products are the only...

Price: $39.99 Retail: $49.99

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Ford Expedition 2007-2017 Tail Light Tint

Rtint™ Ford Expedition 2007-2017 Tail Light Tint

The 2007 Ford Expedition is Ford's upgrade for their predecessor. Completely redesigned, this full-sized SUV has improved handling, a solid structure with towing capacity, and more precise steering and maneuverability. Upgrade your dullish tail lights with a brand new set of new, colorful tail light tints from Rtint™! From an edgy blackout to colorful, exciting red, choose from a selection...

Price: $39.99 Retail: $49.99

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Custom Custom Tail Light Tints

Rtint™ Ford Custom Tail Light Covers

Custom custom tail light tint kits are a cost effective way to get a customized exterior without having to use spray paints, dips or aftermarket lights. These precut tint film covers are designed specific for OEM factory lights and can be ordered in over a dozen different tint shades letting you get a modified look, without having to replace your lights. When you have a difficult time finding a...

Price: $79.99 Retail: $99.99

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Universal Smoked Light Films

Rtint™ Ford Smoked Tail Light Wraps

Universal custom tail light tint wraps are a universal trim-to-fit tinting option that can be applied to OEM, aftermarket or replacement tail lights. Customize your tail lights in popular smoke or blackout shades...or go crazy and go for a pink or green hue. These wrap kits are a perfect way for DIY tinters to smoke their tail lights without having to use chemicals or spray paint. Custom tail...

Price: $9.99 Retail: $14.99

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ORACAL 8300 Ford-1 Tail Light Tint Film

ORACAL® 8300 Tail Light Tint Film

ORACAL® 8300 Taillight Tint film is yours in over two dozen great colors like Dark Gray, JDM-inspired Yellow, HID-style King Blue and a near perfect tail light Red film. 3 mil thick so you can stretch and conform this premium quality, calendered film around the corners and contours of your tail lights, you'll love the look you get with savings that can't be beat. Installation is simple with...

Price: $7.99 Retail: $9.99

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