Saab Precut Tail Light Tint Kits

Precut taillight covers are an excellent way to restyle and upgrade your Saab without the wasting the time or spending tons of money to have a shop smoke out your lights.  Saab rose to prominence as a make of luxury cars based in Sweden and was seen as a great counter-balance to the more conservative designs of its German competitors like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It doesn't matter if you own a 9-3, a 9-7x or a classic 9000 all of them will look fresher and cleaner with a set of smoked tail light covers.

We Make It Easy

When you want to order a Saab custom taillight tint all you have to do is use our drop down menu selector to pick your make, model and year. Next thing you'll see is a diagram of your tail lamp lenses. Click into the tint kit and you can then choose the tint shade or color like from over a dozen choices like Smoke, Blackout, Red Smoke or even Chameleon.

Ordering your tints is one thing, installing them is another. Luckily, because we serve the DIY community, we ship every kit with a single page instructional guide that covers all aspects of installation form prep and cleaning through to application and after-care. Not only that, but we also offer a selection of video tutorials.

3 Good Reasons to Buy an Rtint® Kit

We feel like we've mad e a pretty good case for Rtint® but, because like making things easy, here are the top three reasons to install a tint kit on your Saab:

  1. Great savings compared to taking your Saab to a shop.
  2. Standard 3-Year Warranty or optional Lifetime Warranty.
  3. Next business day fulfillment!

Cash Back for You  

Because we want to show the world just how awesome Rtint® tail light covers look we've been offering a $20 Cash Back rebate for more than a decade. How does it work? Just snap 5 or 6 high-quality shots of your tints, write a quick review and send them to us. We'll review your submission and, if everything checks out, issue up to a $20 rebate refund!

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