Toyota Camry Precut Paint Protection Kits

In terms of overall sales, there's no other vehicle that's as popular as the Toyota Camry in North America. Reliable and fuel-efficient, the Camry has been winning buyers over since its release in 1983 (the Japanese version was released in 1979). Available in a wide variety of variants from wagons to coupes, it may not be the most exciting of rides but it is certainly dependable. Protect your investment and make it last even longer with one of our precut bumper, hood or fender kits. Prevent scuffs and damage with precut door cup guards and trunk lid strips. Whatever you do, be sure to do it soon because it's not a question of whether damage will happen, it's a question of when.

How Do Paint Protection Kits and Ceramic Coatings Differ?

Both nano ceramic coatings and protection films serve the purpose of keeping your car looking newer for longer. However, they definitely do differ in the way the protect them. Specifically, both nano coatings and protection kits can help reduce damage from UV radiation and acidic pollutants. Unfortunately, coatings can't protect your paint from rock hits, scratches and scuffs. That's why we often recommend our customers first apply PPF kits and then later, if desired, use a nano coating over them.

Protect Your Camry SUV with a Precut 3M™ Pro Series Clear Bra

Defend the look of your Camry with the highest-quality PPF on the market: 3M™ Pro Series Paint Protection kit. When you buy one of our Camry protection kits made from high-quality Scotchgard™ PPF film you get all of the following benefits:

  • Invisible and optically clear
  • 8 mil thick film
  • Unrivalled stain resistance
  • Custom cut clear bra patterns to fit your Toyota
  • Self-healing PPF
  • Tough, maintenance free performance

Custom Camry Precut Clear Bra Kits

Our precut Toyota Camry paint protection kits give you a choice of  precut kits for a variety of areas of your SUV. Use our intuitive drop-down menu to find your Camry's year and then choose the precut kit or kits you need. What could be easier? Plus, when you provide your VIN, you can be sure that you'll get a kit that will fit like a glove.

Some of the most common precut kits we offer are as follows:

  • A-Pillar
  • Bumper
  • Door Cup
  • Door Edge
  • Door Splash
  • Hood
  • Mirror
  • Roof

Clear Bra Paint Protection Wraps

If you're on a budget but still want to protect your Toyota, then uncut sheets of paint protection film may be just the thing you need. Choose from premium brands and buy by the foot or roll:

  • 3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series Paint Protection Film
  • Avery™ Supreme Protection Film
  • ORACAL® ORAGUARD Stone Guard Film

Check out the product pages for more details and to see what you can expect from each of these great brands of PPF but, whatever you do, be sure to take the initiative and stop damage before it starts. Pick up a precut or DIY paint protection kit for your Toyota today. You'll be glad you did!

Step-by-Step Precut Paint Protection Kit Installation

Whether you're installing paint protection using precut kits or sheets off the roll, installation of PPF follows these steps:

  1. Clean and Prepare the Car: Most installers use a good degreaser to remove debris and oils without removing waxes or polish. Although many will actually undertake a complete wax and polish before installing PPF to improve the shine we recommend stripping the wax before applying a new coat.
  2. Cut the PPF to Fit (Skip this Step for Precut Kits): Once the car's paint is cleaned and prepared, cut paint protection film to size for installation. The concept is similar to using sheets of film to install window tint and usually it's easier to install in sections, such as a hood, fender, bumper rocker panels, quarter panel, side mirrors, and other section less than five feet square.
  3. Line Up PPF to Application Area: Whether you're using precut paint protection of have cut sheets yourself, the next step is to line them up and prepare for installation.
  4. Spray On Slip Solution: Almost all PPF car bras require an activator which is also called a fitting solution. This activates he PPF's adhesives, which is what causes it to stick to the paint surface. Depending on the brand of PPF used, the solution can range from nothing more than water to a soap-like fluid.
  5. Apply: PPF is a two-dimensional film that is being applied to a three-dimensional surface so it doesn’t just fit perfectly with no effort. Paint protection film requires a repeated process of spraying, squeegee, heating and stretching to get into the right shape and position. The final part of this phase is to squeegee out the air bubbles and slip solution from under the film.
  6. Allow to Cure: Once the PPF has been applied, and all bubbles and creases are gone, the final step is curing or heat-activating. Use a heat gun to activates the adhesive and cause the PPF to stick to the body. This thermoforming process also shrinks the material and creates a tight bond.

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