Toyota Tacoma Sticker Bombed Dash Kit

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Rdash® 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Dash Kit 

Okay, it's been awhile but I hope today's post makes up for it. Juan Carlos recently bought a dash kit for his 2011 Toyota Tacoma from us and chose our new Gear Head Sticker Bomb finish. As luck would have it, he's got some serious skill when it comes to applying interior trim and we get the benefit of feasting our eyes on his hard work. But, hey, it's not like he didn't get paid for it: as with everyone else who sends in eligible installation photos, Juan Carlos got a fast, $20 Cash Back refund rebate earlier today!

Custom Made in a Mind-Boggling Selection of Finishes

You may not realize it but every dash kit we offer is custom made to order for you. With more than 100 different colors and finishes to choose from and a catalog over 2500 different dash kit designs (and growing since we add new custom dash kits every day) it would be absolute insanity for us to make runs of every dash kit in every style. We'd need more warehouse space than Amazon and you could be sure we'd go broke long before we sold half our inventory. I mean, think about: with more than half a dozen Sticker Bomb styles to choose from what are the chances that anyone would order a 1992 Chevy Lumina in Harajuku Sticker Bomb?

Thanks Juan Carlos!

We really just wanted to use today's post as an excuse to show off these awesome pics. There's just something about the look of sticker bomb that gets us but in case you don't share the fascination you can always pick a carbon fiber, wood, aluminum or chrome dash kit too. Big thanks to Juan Carlos and thank you to all of our customers and fans! Enjoy the video!

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