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Translucent Craft Vinyl

Translucent Craft Vinyl

Self-adhesive translucent craft vinyl films harness the natural power of light to transform your home, school or office. Translucent craft films are ideal for catching the eye as kitchen window sun catchers, office window decals and faux stained glass appliques.

Whether you choose our 3M™ 3630 translucent craft vinyl or our ORACAL® 8500 or Avery™ UC900 backlit films, your customers will love the look and performance of long-lasting, matte finish vinyl. Made to stick to a number of substrates, you just can't go wrong with these great films.

What Is Translucent Craft Vinyl?

Translucent craft vinyl lets a small amount of visible light pass through while blocking out the rest of the light. This property gives translucent craft vinyl a soft glow when it's exposed to sunlight or another direct light source. You're unable to see completely through translucent materials, which creates a frosted effect around the edges of a printed design.

Translucent craft vinyl is a valuable material for arts and crafts projects involving placement on a mostly flat surface. It's best suited for a window or lighted sign application. When installed over a light source, you can see your design after sundown or in dark conditions.

Translucent Crafts for Everyone

Translucent self-adhesive vinyl is the ideal tool to use in adding style to the interior or exterior of your home or office. Use these films to add a touch of color with the sophistication of translucency to all of your labels, graphics, decals and signs. Available in an almost dizzying number of colors, some of the backlit vinyl materials even offer you Pantone color matching.

Translucent Craft Film Properties

You can currently choose between three different brands when you order our translucent craft materials. Below are some of the features of these translucent craft materials:

  • All vinyl materials are designed for application on a flat surface.
  • The matte finish diffuses light, making imperfections less noticeable.
  • This type of vinyl is designed specifically for crafts projects.
  • The material is sold by the foot without a minimum order requirement.

Translucent Craft Vinyl Buying Guide

If you're preparing to buy translucent craft vinyl for a project, review this quick guide to selecting the right material:

1. 3M™ 3630 Translucent Craft Film

This type of translucent film is available in over 50 matte colors. It is 2 millimeters thick and comes with pressure-sensitive adhesives designed for permanent placement. The build-in adhesive can adhere to a substrate that's either flexible or rigid, assuming it's flat enough to accept the application.

Common uses of the 3M™ 3630 Translucent films are projects like sun-catchers, signs, architectural glass, dividers, posters, screen printing, backlit signs and graphics. This material can be used either outdoors or indoors and lasts for up to seven years.

Avery Dennison™ UC900 Translucent Craft Vinyl

2. Avery Dennison™ UC900 Translucent Craft Vinyl

This type of vinyl is especially flexible and performs well with computer-cut applications. You can use it to create craft projects like DIY stained glass, on your glass dividers or to make signage for your vehicle's windows. This type of vinyl is best used with computer cutting equipment such as Circut, Silhouette and Graphtec plotters.

The Avery Dennison™ UC900 Translucent vinyl also looks good on illuminated signs and awnings. It can be used for architectural graphics and crafts, with high durability when used outdoors.

3. ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Craft Vinyl

This vinyl material is a silk-finished, light-diffusing film that's best for crafts projects. A surplus of color options is available, so you can find a close match to your existing decals, labels or decor. ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Craft Vinyl works well when used with illuminated signs, as a privacy film, for DIY stained glass windows or for tile.

Options for Translucent Craft Vinyl

Translucent craft vinyl comes in several options for sizing and colors. You can also order tools designed for use with your materials to make the application process smoother. Ordering details include:

1. Sizing Options

Having the right amount of material is important for completing a project. The best step you can take before you begin is to make sure you measure your working surface. You might be doing a complex project with an unusual shape and several pieces, but try to estimate for having more material than risk running out.

Translucent craft vinyl is preferable for personal art projects, but it's also suitable for commercial use. You can order the following suggested sizes:

  • Samples: The 24" x 12" swaths make good samples if you want to test the material before placing a larger order.
  • Small crafts: For a small personal art project like sticker-making, some of the smallest sizes available are 24" x 24", 36" and 48".
  • Decals and window graphics: If you want to design your own window graphics, try a larger size that's the closest possible fit like the 24" x 60", 72", 84" and 96" options.
  • Large projects: For a larger craft project, go for the 24" x 108" or 120" sizes.
  • Jumbo projects: The largest possible sizes you can order in craft vinyl are 24" x 10 yards or 50 yards.

Color Options

2. Color Options

Sometimes finding the right color option can help you decide on the brand of vinyl to order. Depending on the brand you choose, you'll be able to select different color options, including:

  • Blues: Options for cool colors include Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Caribic Blue and others.
  • Reds: If you're looking for warm tones, you can find Coral Red, Fox Red and more.
  • Others: Other colors you can order include Emerald, Golden Yellow, Light Violet and more.
  • Neutrals: For a neutral appearance, you can select Black, Ivory, Coffee Brown and others.

Vinyl Tint Tools

Craft tools help make your vinyl application easier and can make your work go faster, especially when you have a large project with long sheets of vinyl. You can add certain tools to your order for translucent craft vinyl.

Below are the most popular options for working tools:

1. Application Razor

If you have to cut the vinyl into several pieces or just need to trace a complex shape, an application razor is the right tool to use. If you order a razor with your vinyl, manually making precision cuts becomes much easier. This type of razor is designed specifically for vinyl and is able to cleanly cut through the appropriate thickness.

2. Squeegee

A squeegee is necessary for certain applications. For example, if the surface you'll be working on has curves, you'll want to get one of these tools to make sure you're able to fit the material. A squeegee tool helps make the application process smoother regardless of how long the vinyl sheets are. It helps avoid getting wrinkles or bubbles in the material that you'll have to fix or reapply.

3. Application Fluid

Although this type of vinyl comes with its own adhesive, the application fluid is still commonly purchased. If you intend for the project you're working on to last for a long time, you can add a layer of glue designed especially for getting this material to adhere. Quality vinyl will ensure longer if it's securely applied, and you can save extra glue to resecure corners or edges that may come up.

4. Edge Seal-It Pen

A Seal-It pen helps keep the edges of your project securely in place. This tool can help extend the use of your vinyl materials. Even self-adhesive vinyl can benefit from occasional touch-ups, especially if you're planning to make a permanent application.

How to Choose the Right Translucent Vinyl for You

There are a number of considerations to make when you're thinking of using a translucent vinyl film in your next application, project or craft. In essence, there are five major considerations to be made and they are as follows:

  • Budget: How much do you want to spend?
  • Duration: How long do you need the project to last?
  • Color: Does it need to match with existing print and digital promotional material?
  • Substrate: Is the substrate uneven? Does it require a wet installation or a dry one?
  • Purpose: How much light do you need to have pass through the vinyl?

chose a Translucent Craft Vinyl

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Atmosphere to backyard LED lights
by Pancho, Sunny California 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I use the transparent vinyl for my aluminum patio covers recessed LED lights to add atmosphere to our backyard. I plotted out the size and stuck to the plastic lens. Works perfect and allows seamless color show through the light.
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Silvered Grey to cover ruined LG panel
by Loves2Share, 4.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
1) Translucent Black in 8500 or the 3M product is pretty much opaque
2) However, the silver grey worked great for my purpose. It's not perfect, but that's because of the lack of smoothness after removing the previous panel. Overall still better than it was.
review image  


4.63 | 2 Reviews