3M™ 3630 Translucent Backlit Sign Vinyl

3M™ 3630 Translucent Craft Vinyl

When you're looking to create an eye-catching, sun catcher, to add color to architectural glass or your classroom's windows, you should put your trust in 3M™ Scotchcal™ 3630 Translucent Craft Vinyl. Yours in over 50 brilliant, matte colors, this translucent film is 2 mil thick and features pressure sensitive, permanent adhesives that adhere to both rigid and flexible substrates....

Price: $4.99 Retail: $6.99

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Avery™ UC900 Translucent Backlit Sign Vinyl

Avery™ UC900 Translucent Craft Vinyl

Avery® Graphics UC 900 Ultra Cast Translucent Craft Vinyl is high performance and flexible vinyl perfect for outdoor use and as window graphics. Turn your windows into DIY stained glass, add distinction and class to your interior glass dividers or make great signage for your vehicle's windows. Very similar to ORACAL® 8500 or 3M™ 3630 your home, classroom or office will never have...

Price: $8.99 Retail: $11.99

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ORACAL® 8500 Backlit Sign Vinyl

ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Craft Vinyl

ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Craft Vinyl is yours in an amazing variety of colors. Match existing decals, labels or window decals and find just the right color to match the d?cor of your home, office or classroom. Get the premium quality of these silk finished, light-diffusing films and bring your students' craft and art projects to life. However you use these films, be sure to send in your pics...

Price: $6.99 Retail: $8.99

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