Avery Dennison Plastic Breakaway Knife
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Rvinyl Razor
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Avery Dennison Metal Breakaway Knife
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Window Tint Razors

If you're working with sheets of window tint or precut window tint kits, one thing is certain: you need a way to cut it. Now, whether you choose to do that with a plastic, metal or hybrid razor, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from. Quality and reliability are crucially important characteristics when looking for window tint knife but ergonomics are equally as important. As such, your razor should also be comfortable and durable while your blades should be super sharp and have optimum edge retention.

Making the Final Cut

Ultimately, when it comes to slicing vinyl whatever feels the best to you is what is going to matter the most. Regardless of the brand make sure you have all your cutting needs covered. One or two knives with break a way blade, lots of extra blades either 30 or 58 degree, a blade disposal case, a Snitty and lastly a body guard knife and you’ll be set to handle all and any tint cutting needs.