Window Tint Tools

If you're looking for DIY tools for window tinting then you've come to the right place. Whether you want to find the ever-popular Conqueror squeegee, a Red Devil, sprays and fluids or a window tint tool belt to hold it all we've got it. We are always adding new tools to our line-up to give you more options to get your do-it-yourself car window tinting done faster and more easily.

Preparation and Cleaning Tools

Before you even think of starting to tint your ride's windows, you've first got to take the time to properly clean and prepare the glass, bezels and window trim to ensure a bubble-fee install that lasts. In fact, there is almost no other step in the process that's as important as the prep and clean phase. If you skip this phase, you may as well throw all of your film directly in the garbage because the results you get won't be worthy of your vehicle or your time.

Marking and Measuring Tools

If you plan to go the professional route and want to hand cut your rolls of tint film, you're going to need marking and measurement tools. Sure, premium films like Avery Dennison window film come with metering on the roll itself but that won't help you to measure your vehicle's glass. Browse our selection of marking pencils and tapes and make sure you have the tools you need before you get off to a false start.

Installation Tools and Fluids

These tools are the meat and potatoes of DIY window tint installs and we are proud to offer a wide variety of slip solutions, magnets, primers, weeding pens, air-release picks, squeegees, cards and more. Not sure which tool you need for the job? Contact us via email, chat or phone and we can get you the answers you need in no time.

Tinted Windows Aftercare and Maintenance

Once you've finished your install it's not as if you can just forget about it. You need to be sure to clean, protect and maintain it to get the longest possible life out of it. That's why we carry a number of aftercare polishes and fluids as well as coatings to help preserve the look of your tints for years to come.

Window Tint Film Removers and Tools

There's a famous saying that "What goes up must come down" although in the world of vinyl films it would be more accurate to say that what goes down must come up. In other words, at some point, your window tints will need to be removed either to apply a new one or to give it a dignified end before it cracks, peels and fades at the twenty year mark. In order to help you through this process we have a number of tools and adhesive removers that should make removal of your vinyl films somewhat easier and will help you prevent damage to your car's glass.

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ease of installation
by Bubba, WI 5.00

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the product was easy to install. the tint looks great. I will keep Rvinyl in mind when I need other tints or wraps.

by Nick, 5.00

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I was originally shipped the wrong product but a quick email got me in touch with Mariel and they got the issue resolved very quickly. A couple days later I received what I ordered. 5-star customer service!!!

by CUSTOM'Z, 5.00

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Great product easy to handle
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4.75 | 5 Reviews