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    Rcraft™ Matte Burlwood Wood Grain Vinyl gives you the ability to add the look of satin burl so popular in Euro imports to the interior of your car, truck or SUV for that true luxury look. Want to refinish your cabinets, Ikea furniture or counter tops but don't want to use wood contact paper? Pick up a roll of this Matte Burlwood woodgrain sticker film. Made from 3 mil thick, ultra-durable calendered film that applies like a sticker it's perfect for interior, exterior, marine and architectural applications.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Rcraft-WOD-003

    Rcraft™ Matte Burlwood Vinyl Film Features

    • Featuring a satin, burlwood finish
    • Applies easily with heat to moderate curves and corners
    • Designed with a semi-permanent adhesive that allows for safe removal
    • Carries a 3-Year Warranty against cracking, peeling and fading
    • Made for indoor and outdoor use

    Matte Burlwood Wood Grain Craft Films

    When you think of luxury automotive interiors it's almost certain that you think of burlwood dash trim too. Long associated with elegance and style, Matte Burlwood has been prized by artists and automotive restylers for its beauty and rarity making it a distinctive feature of the high-class auto interiors everywhere. Our Rcraft™ Matte Burlwood films give anyone the ability to add a touch of elegant style to any interior with a satin, flat finish that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing when installed. Great for use on door panels, center consoles and just about anywhere else, our Matte Burlwood film is rated for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    Rcraft™ Matte Burlwood film is engineered with a pressure sensitive adhesive that is also semi-permanent which means that it goes on without the use of extra glues and can be safely removed at any time without causing damage. Apply them like stickers or decals to any surface that is non-porous and smooth. Sold by the foot in either a twelve or twenty-four inch widths, you can buy just what you need to get the job done so you don't spend more than is necessary.

    Made for DIY Installation

    Rcraft™ Matte Burlwood wood grain films are made for the DIY installer. Because the feature pressure sensitive adhesives your job is a whole lot easier. No need for messy glues or specialty primers although we do recommend Rapid Prep to clean and prepare the surface and Rapid Tac for installation. Why? Simply because Rcraft™ wood grain films do not feature air channels so Rapid Tac helps to reposition the film during installation.

    Our Matte Burlwood wood grain vinyl wraps are ideal for hundreds of different applications. They're designed to withstand the elements so they can be used outdoors and indoors and applied to anything that has a hard surface. Over the years we've seen these wraps put to any number of uses and we thought it'd be a good idea to share some of the more popular applications we've seen below:

    • Dashboard and control panel restoration on boats and planes
    • Refinishing cabinets and speaker boxes
    • Display cases and stands
    • Game consoles
    • Phones & tablets

    When it comes to Rcraft™ Matte Burlwood wraps you're really only limited by the depth and breadth of your imagination. But, whatever you choose to do we want to see it and we're giving you a great incentive to share. Interested? Read on.

    Get Cash Back to Share Your Photos

    Customers like you are the reason we're still in business after all of these years and there's simply no better advertisement for our products than to show off your photos of what they look like installed. That's why we're happy to offer a generous, $20 Cash Back rebate when you send in five or more high-quality photos of your installed Rcraft™ Matte Burlwood wraps. Just send them in and we'll get right back to you with your refund and we'll also post your pics to our site and blog!

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